Video by Henry Jenkins

This video by Henry Jenkins made me think, why do we confiscate all technological tools from students when they walk into the school building? Yes I know all the negative reasons but what if, what if teachers started using these cell phones and other student tools as part of the curriculum?


Remember when distance learning meant an education through the mail. The mail system has been around since the pony express. When these distance courses were first offered by accredited colleges, could they have been considered as an emerging technology at the time? The technology was around long before it was ever directly applied to the provision of education. In this it could be argued it is not the technology but the application of the technology that defines it as new.

The beginning days of distance education consisted of reading books and writing papers, sending them off and getting graded papers sent back to you, via the mail. It seems archaic now but at the time it was revolutionary, especially when combating the barriers of distance, economic limitations and other barriers. It offered people opportunities they would not have otherwise had; however the quality of the education was always in question…

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