Mozilla : Join us in celebrating women in STEM during the entire month of October!

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Join us in celebrating women in STEM during the entire month of October!
Community Spotlight
Danielle Robinson
Danielle Robinson. Photo provided Mozilla Science.
Ada Lovelace is largely regarded as the first computer programmer, and her work and skills exemplified strength in STEM as she worked on the analytic engine, also known as an early mechanical general-purpose computer. She was also an early explorer of how society could use technology as a collaborative tool. As we celebrate Ada Lovelace Day this month, we want to raise up more influential women in STEM across the globe who are passionate about what they do.

This month, we’re inspired by Danielle Robinson, a 2016 Mozilla Fellows for Science, cell biologist and Neuroscience PhD candidate at Oregon Health and Science University. She also co-organizes Science Hack Day Portland, and Open Insight PDX. She inspires us to work hard, work open, and teach the web and we’re thrilled to feature her as our community spotlight this month!

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Featured Activity
Working Open Workshop in Berlin
Working Open Workshop in Berlin. Photo provided by Mozilla Science.
Safety First PDX is a remixable set of resources that aims to support inclusive environments and increase event participation. The resource is openly remixable under a CC By Share Alike license and includes a series of templates such as Codes of Conduct, a safety primer and discussion points on accountability and incident response in the event of an unsafe situation at your event.

Help adjust and improve these templates by volunteering with one of the existing working groups, or contacting the original project creator, Audrey Eschright.

Teach the Web Upcoming Events
Oct 8
Ada Lovelace Day Curriculum Workshop at MIT
Saturday, October 8; Mozilla Learning is hosting a collaborative curriculum development workshop for Ada Lovelace Day at the Libre Learning Lab conference at MIT. In this workshop, we’ll test out a strategy for rapid, collaborative creation of open educational resources and learning experiences.
Oct 11
Mozilla Curriculum Workshop
Tuesday, October 11 6am PT /9am ET /1pm UTC; Join us for this month’s Mozilla Curriculum Workshop, a special Ada Lovelace Day webcast recognizing the challenges, work and contributions of women leaders from around the globe. Help us build teaching and learning resources promoting women and the web.
Oct 13
Mozilla Learning Community Call
Thursday, October 13 8am PT /11am ET /3pm UTC; Join this month’s Mozilla Learning Community Call as the Mozilla Learning and the Mozilla Science Lab join forces to explore current opportunities and supports for women in STEM around the world.
Oct 19
Mozilla Tweet Chat
Wednesday, October 19 9am PT/12pm ET/4pm UTC; Join @MozLearn and @MozillaScience to discuss, celebrate and support women in STEM during a one-hour tweet chat. Follow #TTWchat to join in the conversation!


  • The National Writing Project (NWP) and KQED are leading the Letters to the Next President 2.0 campaign to engage and connect young people, aged 13–18, as they research, write, and make media to voice their opinions on issues that matter to them in the coming election. Mozilla has signed on as a partner and created a few remixable activities that aim to connect youth voice, civic engagement and web literacy skills. Choose one to remix for your local elections.
  • Mozilla Learning is excited to be a member of the CSforALL Consortium, a network of computer science (CS) education providers, schools, funders, and researchers working to support the mission of expanding access to CS education for all students. This effort was born from the needs of the growing computer science education community and President Obama’s call to provide every student with access to CS education. Learn more.
  • Announcing the 2016 Mozilla Fellows for Science! They are representative of the change we want to see in the community, championing openness, collaboration, and mentorship in science. They’ll also receive training and support from Mozilla to hone their skills around open source, participatory learning, and data sharing.
  • The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund application is still open to U.S. cities! Does your city have an existing high-speed network or are you exploring implementing one? If you think your community could benefit from a learning network and innovation funds, earn more about becoming an expansion city candidate and apply here by November 9th.
  • In collaboration with The Company Lab, Mozilla’s Hive Chattanooga hosted 48Hour Launch: Internet of Things (IoT) Edition , a weekend-long competition that challenges teams of entrepreneurs and specialists to spend 48 hours transforming a startup concept into a viable business model or prototype. More than 125 participants, mentors, local experts and community members attended, which culminated with a celebratory public pitch night. You can read about the winning projects here.
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