Facebook as a learning tool


Using social media tools can be beneficial in making a positive social change. I equate it to walking through the park and having a conversation that others might overhear and hoping that the snippet of information they catch will spark their interests or better yet have them pass it along. If you spark their interest enough maybe they might come back the next day and listen a little longer, or maybe invite a friend, then they might go to another park and start their own conversations….. Does this really work? Sometimes. It isn’t the easiest way to spread information but it is possible and can be useful as a complimentary tool.

For example, if you establish yourself on FaceBook as an individual, you have friends and family. You can create a group and invite friends, you can create a page and invite friends, you can post about your website or blog… This is where FaceBook is really handy. Notice blogs do not come up in search engines, but FaceBook pages do? So in essence FaceBook is free marketing. Along these lines FaceBook has the potential of being a primary tool for promoting open source educational packets, information and support for homeschooling parents through the social network.

FaceBook is like a free website that you just can’t edit. You can post text, images, video, polls, and yes everything you post becomes public so you need to be careful, however if that is what you want, that is what you get. Unlike a website, social networking allows people to like and share what you post. Again with open-source this is great. If you do not want what you post to be shared with the world and likely taken out of your control, then don’t put it on FaceBook.

To keep people interested and involved basically means not overwhelming their feed with things they are not interested in. I am pretty tolerant of feeds even with advertisements, unless they cause red flags, for me that is vulgarity, nudity, and if from pages, stupidity. I have more tolerance for individual people but not if they are representing themselves as business entity. Also daily posts “selling” something, whether a person or a page, that bothers me if I didn’t expect those types of post. So interpreted this means, set expectations and remain consistent.

It is a good idea to be aware of your presence on Face book and separate personal and family activities form group pages. This requires a very private setting. I do not do this, however everything I put on my face book page I do so with others judgement in mind. I allow my public self to impact any page i may have by allowing others to see my personal profile and posts. When this becomes an issue is if you present yourself on a personal level differently than you present yourself on a professional level. If you like to cut loose, curse, and post embarrassing pictures, then you can easily lose clients or group members if you do not privatize this activity in your settings.

I have seen this recently from an artist I befriended, simply because I wanted to help her network her art. This artist posted in very large letters a vulgar political statement asking everyone who voted for the current president to unfriend her. Even customers who had not voted accordingly, and made it known to the artist, posted shock at her statements and an unwillingness to purchase her art due to her intolerance. I have been posting and liking political posts that support freedom and tolerance in keeping our country together, even when we disagree, and some humor. In doing so I have to accept the fact that I may alienate some. It is a personal choice and the more open you are and connected the more personal risk you accept.

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