Introduction to Kitely and virtual worlds

If you have never visited a virtual world, to prepare for multiverse dragon masters, I recommend , and It is a course designed by another virtual world group but useful for beginners.

An additional support platform for parents will be in blogposts and videos on An in-world link to this site will also be located in the Multiverse Dragon Masters great hall, the entry point to the virtual world. This will include video and pdf versions of some of the educational content that is found in the virtual world. When in world spend time reading hover texts and game tip boards. Make sure to wear a HUD. Clicking on the game tip boards will also give note cards if your viewer is slow to load. Collect all the butterflies. Then you can try the two quizzes. After that you can explore. The way the system will be set up is that tokens will be redeemed for items students can use for their avatar or in their own build. Prizes will be awarded like “badges” to be created at a later time. Points can be redeemed if decided on by the parent or teacher for KC credits to purchase in world items that are not open source. Surprise treasure boxes encourage exploration and consistent positive feedback with rewards. In the actual game no item will be cable to be copied so all will need to be earned.

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