Virtual World Design

A little note on this resource, I created and presented Virtual World Design in-world on Kitely virtual worlds for the Institute of New Paradigms in June of 2018. I created an in-world slide show and spoke at the virtual meeting. As a back up reference I recorded the presentation in advance and included another video for additional knowledge. Do I have too much time on my hands? Maybe, but time seems irrelevant when you are passionate about learning and helping others learn. For this blog I have updated the slides to make them current with added notes. I also created an accompanying PDF for down load. (I did this by putting the information on both and the Multiverse Masters blogspot. I learned that the blogspot actually allotted for better formatting when mixing pictures and text, yet the website allows for embedded video while the blog I would have to upload the video directly. Since I store my videos on youtube that would have been an issue. I also needed the website to hold the pdf and posted the link on the blog. I recommend, if creating content to be shared, you create multiple formats, slide shows are great, PDFs are as well. Some people prefer videos, some inside websites (like others don’t mind following a link to youtube. We all know creating the content is a challenge, but once created it is just a matter of formatting to plug it into other programs and is a great way to reach a broader audience. Oh and I also post links on my face book site as well.

Virtual World Design best practices by Salie Davis PDF

Virtual World Design: Best Practices by Salie Davis



The associated hyper grid address is Masters.  If you are taking a group of students, do phase arrivals by 30 secs or so — a simultaneous group arrival may crash some regions.


When collecting from other sims trust your source, check permissions and note cards, when in doubt message the sim owner. When sharing set the script permissions as well as the object permissions if you want the scripts to be able to be continued to be shared. If you don’t then a copy can only be used once by the original collector.


There are so many free resources, building a building is only needed if you’re doing it for fun or a unique purpose. With a little time learning to build is very easy.


Tracker bots are useful on large sims if you want record of a specific area. Otherwise they aren’t necessary. Inworld communications are useful, otherwise the participant will have to leave the scene and message you offline through the main website. You can get offline notifications from all of these scripts to your email. The two images on the right are from ESC GSC This world may not be active but is preserved in a saved OAR.


When reusing objects, even when modifying them please leave in note-cards or create note-cards as glitches can erase and replace original creators unintentionally. In this slide the road itself signifies the sim barrier. Make sure the ground is smooth and water is waste level. If over the head make sure an avatar can walk on smooth ground and consider adding underwater features. If participants will fly, also keep that visual into account.


The Christmas scene is no longer live however you can save builds as OAR files to reuse and switch out or redesign. You can also build surrounds to segment different builds on one sim. Sky boxes are also commonly used. This is another more complex aspect of builds with its own set of challenges and considerations.


These builds are no longer active however many builds and build experiences have been recorded and are on YouTube. Search for SalieCMT for more info.


The moon-based theme is also no longer live. This Proof of concept was presented via distance at the CUNY Gaming conference in New York City by Salie Davis. Be careful where you hypergrid, especially with students, because destination regions are not going to respect Kitely’s maturity classification. If hyper gridding out of Kitely, you will need an avatar that has export-enabled components (you can get these in various places, including the Kitely Welcome Center). Otherwise a warning is issued and the jump is blocked.


Outworldz are the experts on NPC scripting, even to the point that they are building a complete play with NPC characters moving and talking, where participants can actually participate and be immersed in the action!


A lot of builds on Multiverse Masters are experiments. The paceman game is coming along very well. Fun builds like this can be developed as educational rewards. I like filling my builds with surprises. Both these examples are currently saved as OARS and available by appointment.


These cloning tools are great. Be aware there are ethical implications if you use an actual avatars image/identity without their consent. Many of the clones I use came already programmed into the objects. Eventually I want to replace them all with my original clones.


From exercise rooms, to plants, trash cans, and snakes that consume, pictures that dance or switch, clones and avatars that dance, chairs that give prizes and swim machines, even a business or learning environment can be filled with fun extras. Why have a boring meeting when participants can be drinking a can of soda while listening, or eating ice cream?


I love Mazes and corridors for mini activities, soon I will explore scripted buildings. It is very easy to create mini lessons or study aids in small areas using simple scripts. Mazes or corridors are also very easy to build from scratch.


Keep in mind that quizzes, story boards or quiz boards, question scripts, tokens, collision objects, wearable objects, Game Huds… all of these can be used separately and simply, or together to create a complex scripted grid. The key is not to become overwhelmed.


Question scripts are an educators dream come true. Kroation Grid owners and other educators provided me with these. I try to always credit resources on every build. I like using the “Where Credit is Due” box.


Bringing in participants is more than just bringing your audience. Before going live, bring in lots of test avatars. Create extras if you have to. Record and promote even with these test avatars. Marketing companies use doubles all the time. There is no shame in it.


Interactivity example using scripting

To see a video of this presentation please go to

The last slide is from the Moon Base Proof of concept. This was an incomplete gaming simulation. It is hard to complete a polished sim in one semester but I may return to it. All information in this presentation is current as of 9/20/2018 and the design, using opensource and purchased content was all compiled by Salie Davis.


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