Choosing a platform for a 3D simulation/ tour of the ability sim.

I have chosen to design a 3D environment using open simulator. The delivery I am using for this is through due to the low cost and easy access. This is a beneficial platform because it allows you to save your work in OAR files, use the OAR on a personal computer through Dreamworld, move it to other platforms, use on pivate servers and even convert to a Unity file. For more information on the Untiy converter you can visit,

3D environments are immersive and interactive. It allows for synchronous or asynchronous learning depending upon the needs of the instructor and ability level of the student. Due to the wide variety of design features, video, audio, text, quiz, and question abilities with scripts, non-player characters and easy adaptability, it is the perfect environment to design an educational simulation that can be quickly changed and modified by other educators. I have Dreamworld on my home computer and can design OARs offline if I choose to or use them in a secure environment offline with students. This is why I have chosen to use this versatile option for 3D curriculum development.

If you have never visited a virtual world, to prepare for multiverse masters, I recommend , and It is a course designed by another virtual world group but useful for beginners. Additional support will be in blogposts and videos on, and Instructions for how to access Multiverse Masters can also be found here,

Below you will find a visual tour of the work in progress.


Beckhusen, F. (2018). Dreamworld. Outworldz. Retrieved on Oct 18, 2018, from


simulation 2 001

The entry point to the Island is separate from the simulation, and offers a multiple use area for several educational activities.

simulation 2 002

The Simulation entry point uses information booths and signage to help the student navigate.

simulation 2 003

Note cards deliver important information. Options are offered to the participant(s) to encourage engagement. simulation 2 004

A story line is created to engage the learner.simulation 2 005

Choices are given to allow for immediate feedback on the potential consequences of a participants actions and decisions.

simulation 2 006

Required answers can test the participants understanding.

simulation 2 007simulation 2 008simulation 2 009

Different roles can be assigned for working both individually or as a group.simulation 2 010simulation 2 011

Random statements can be programmed into non-player characters to vary the experience

simulation 2 012

Realistic environments can easily be created at low cost.

simulation 2 013

Each area can interact with the participant through the use of scripting.

simulation 2 014simulation 2 015

These areas will eventually have the question marks to guide tasks and discussions.

simulation 2 016simulation 2 017

By adding non-player Characters, even the individual can get a sense of a full story line in the simulation.

simulation 2 018simulation 2 019simulation 2 020

This is a work in progress.

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