Assessment plan for The Ability Simulation on Multiverse Masters

Assessment plan for The Ability Simulation on Multiverse Masters

Learning Objectives

Participants will experience a perspective contained inside a story line to increase their empathy and understanding for people who are different from themselves.

Participants will discuss with each other or reflect independently, reactions to the story line, as well as provide feedback or formulate there own opinions concerning the story line.

Participants will observe and problem solve the physical and emotional as well as social implications and barriers to problem solve independently or as a group possible improvements that could be made in a similar scenario.

Established Goals:

  1. Participants will experience a role play scenario and 3-d simulation.
  2. Participants will observe and discuss/share reactions to mobile ability.
  3. Participants will observe and discuss/share reactions and challenges faced, concerning the completion of tasks (quests).
  4. Participants will observe and discuss/share emotional reactions to the role play scenario/back story.
  5. Participants will learn technology tools to interact in the virtual world environment.
  6. Participants will learn avatar controls.
  7. Participants will learn screen capture controls, video tools, and other technological communication options for assignment and evaluation purposes.

The Formative Assessment will include a self assessment of the participants understanding of how differences may be perceived and worked with in the story line provided. This can be compared to the follow up self assessment at the end of the ability simulation.

The Summative Assessment will include the completion of tasks, and the posting of possible changes that might improve the situation portrayed within the simulation.

Ability Simulation Rubric

The participant will post prior to the simulation activity, a reflective post concerning the story line and what they believe they will experience in the different roles.

The participant will then participate in the simulation.

The participant will post the outcome of each task, the decision made and reaction to the simulation scenarios. Participant will responded to the post of a classmates.

The participant will create a reaction post either through video or screen shots expressing their personal observations at the completion of the simulation. Participants will respond to another classmates reaction post.

The Ability Simulation can be adapted by the facilitator to add additional assignments and resources.

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