Space and Earth science

Weathering: when rocks and soil are worn down. Erosion: when the material that is worn down is carried away by wind, water, living beings or gravity. Deposition: the dropping, or releasing of sediments that have been moved from one and build up in another. Weathering and erosion Landforms Landscapes formed by erosion Earth's Structures Vocabulary … Continue reading Space and Earth science

Covid 19 Suddenly home schooling support list.

Museums / Virtual Field Trips From Home: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History The British Museum Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam Explore Ancient Egypt Ellis Island Global Trek 7 Wonders The Louvre Paris San Diego Zoo Cams Yellowstone Webcams California Academy of Live Science Cams Explore live animal webcams National Zoo Live Cams International Space Station Google … Continue reading Covid 19 Suddenly home schooling support list.