Many stories and constraint poetry in world come see it before it’s gone


The creative art, poetry, songs, film sets and carnival will be going away in April as I work on developing my next project. It will be back next January 2023, I may load my educators oar for awhile, I may work on my space themed gamification oar, Just a heads up as I have just had fun building a carnival if you haven’t seen it come soon!

Multiverse Masters derives its name from the fact that the world changes often. Currently it is dedicated to creativity, songs, poetry, music and art displays. It features the romantic season with holiday treats thrown in to carry us through March and April. It will likely change after the month is up. All my worlds that circulate through out the year feature many free items that can be copied. Usually you can find items I sell on Kitely Market place offered free in world. Masters or check out the store,
As always, if you see me online, reach out for support. If I can help I will.
Multiverse Masters, is an evolving adventure-based world for education. It is a family friendly g -rated Island and its goal is as an educators resource area filled with examples of uses and tutorial links at
, and
Explore as you will as I have no idea what ventures lie ahead.
I try to remember to make free items I find lying about able to be copied when permitted. If ever you see something that your concerned about please let me know. My goal is to support the opensource community by keeping resources free and shared. Many awesome and inexpensive resources I find on the Kitely market. While creating worlds appropriate and beneficial for general audiences in the virtual environment I am having fun. I will often work on multiple projects
Being a graduated student now I can have some fun. The world may change often and without warning. Please let me know if any of my prior builds or resources are needed by you. For now I am playing. See my support youtube videos here.…