What can you use virtual worlds, the metaverse, and the multiverse for?

I recently gave a presentation for corporate trainers on the benefits of virtual worlds, the multiverse, and the metaverse. It was a long session but here is the clip of my 30 minutes. https://lnkd.in/ghJDrEzx

Social skills coaching example, understanding body language.

Social skills coaching example, understanding body language.

Chatbot and AI database examples for social skills and conversation.

Quiz examples with question and answer scripts.

Training room examples for basic in world skills, how to move, communicate use camera controls, etc.

Gamification example with points and rewards using a nutrition theme.

Medical scene example for role-playing and simulations.

Classroom set-up examples with audio, video, and interactive text presentations as well as working classroom computers for browsing the web.

Laboratory scene showing many free open-source resources available. (most scenes include all open-source and free materials.

Navigation examples with teleports and signage.