Momentous Triviality

Gallant gallant, my considerate amorist.
Your gallantry I consider and make the bed.
Gentle, genteel, my tender-hearted one,
With your gentleness, I sooth and calm.
Cavalier cavalier, my proud man of the world.
Of your spark I pride and feed the dog.
Strong, strength, my valiant protector, 
Your strength I lean on, like a fortress.
I envision vision, fancy phantom of the mind.
On your visage I envisage and take out the trash.
Dreamer, dream on, my whimsical heart,
with your dreams, I soar and take flight.
Hopeful hopeful, Cry for the moon.
I hope for aspirations and wash the dishes.
Passionate passion, my fiery flame, 
your passion ignites my heart and soul.
Fancy fancy, caprice lover.
I fancy this figment and do the laundry.
Patient Patience, my steadfast guide, 
with your patients, I find my way.
Devoted devotion, my faithful partner, 
your devotion is my anchor in life.
Amoral paramour, outside the sphere of love.
I am amorous without amour propre.
Inclined to love I end my day, 
in momentous triviality.


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