Autism Awareness

Traditional, established, so ingrained in our minds,
May not work for all, and can leave us behind.
Traditional relations, a well-trodden path,
For the autistic mind, it can often cause wrath.
Conventional rules, may not fit our needs,
The conflict it causes can sow harmful seeds.
For autistic people, it can increase our stress,
And cause harm, leaving us feeling distressed.
The usual expectations, from others, can be hard to bear,
As they compare and contrast, without thought or care.
Lack of understanding, the root of the issue, building a wall
Common expectations and experiences are not universal.
To be judged negatively by others is tough,
Due to this lack of understanding, it’s rough.
Expectations of what we should do, by majority views,
Can be hurtful, leaving us feeling lost and confused.
Autism is a unique and diverse way of being,
And requires a different approach to truly seeing
the world through the eyes of an autistic person.
Are you up to the challenge, are you willing to learn.
For autistic people, a different approach may be key,
One that’s tailored to our needs, and sets us free.
With empathy and support, instead of judgment and scorn,
We thrive and succeed, from the day we are born.
So let us break free, from traditional styles,
embrace uniqueness, and make each worthwhile.
Let’s break away from traditional styles,
And instead, embrace a more inclusive mile.
You must listen and learn from those who see,
The world differently, and with more complexity.
Will you listen and learn, from a different view,
only then can you understand, and help us pursue.
For it’s through understanding and acceptance,
That you can make a positive difference.
And support autistic people with care,
be accepting and not just aware.


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