Daily Cycle

The setting sun every shade and hue
of red, yellow, orange, purple, and blue.
Each moment, a new stroke,
a masterpiece long bespoke,
blending shades of light and dark,
of nature’s wondrous art.
Colors fade into dusky eve,
as the last rays of light leave.
The moonlight, the stars bright
in the middle of the night
The wind cold, the water warm
blowing hard before the storm.
The winds that howl and blow,
are soon replaced by a warm flow,
Easing the chill in the air,
the sun rises fair.
The sky fills with light
and the cold goes away,
The sunshine grows bright
in the dawn of the day.
The cycle goes on and on,
an endless symphony of dawn,
From the blazing sun’s farewell,
the beauty of it, all can tell,
to the moon’s soft glow at night,
a tale of pure delight.
with each passing day,
in nature’s grand display.

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