Reflections of Friendship

Who am I, and who are you?

Are we an echo of a past we once knew?

Perhaps you’re my reflection, hope for tomorrow,

as I fade from your memory, consumed by time’s sorrow.

Who are you and who am I?

Is time lost in a silent cry?

Am I a reflection of your past and a future hope?

Hopefully, it is as it is, without the interlope.

So little time we have had together

recollections of the mind fail to tether

and now you are a distant memory

quickly fading from tomorrow’s reality.

Our time was brief, but you gave so much,

insight that seemed out of reach, out of touch.

Though I can no longer assist, memories may guide,

As you travel down a road, tormented inside.

Dreams, reflected by the past, may they light your way,

and bring you to final peace one day.

For though we may part, our connections still remain,

A testament to the power of words, and what they contain.


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