Pegasus age 12

Pegasus, You were born from a legend.

You came out of the sea.

You rose up into the air with the wind in your mane.

You are mystical, magical, wild, and free,

Mightier than a hurricane.

Pegasus, You are a symbol of power and grace,

Your wings are strong and your spirit is bold,

A creature of myth and legend that time cannot erase.

You soar through the heavens with a grace untold.

With your hooves on the clouds and your head to the sky,

Your beauty inspires and your magic ignites,

You embody the spirit of freedom and fly.

A flame in the hearts of dreamers and knights.

Pegasus, You are a wonder to behold,

May you forever fly with the wind in your manes,

A creature of fantasy that will never grow old.

May your spirit be free as your legend remains.

Pegasus, You are swifter than the swiftest bird.

Whiter than newly fallen snow.

You will never be tamed by the point of a sword,

But by the words of a poet from which your memories grow.


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