The Mysterious Chest

I am a mystery, a vessel of delight,

A small and fragile wonder, shining white.

Wrapped in a shell, a masterpiece of grace,

A hidden gem, holding life’s embrace.

Within me stirs a universe untold,

A secret dance of miracles unfold.

Nurturing life, a precious seed I keep,

A promise of beginnings buried deep.

A delicate shell, a fortress strong,

Protecting the mysteries that belong.

No lid to reveal my secrets profound,

A symphony of creation waiting to resound.

In this marble chest, a treasure I hold,

A journey of existence, yet to unfold.

The sun’s bright heart, a golden flame,

An emblem of love, forever the same.

From heavens above, it was gently bestowed,

A radiant gift, a beacon that glowed.

Infusing my being with warmth and light,

Illuminating the shadows of the night.

Oh, let me rest in this sanctuary of mine,

With the sun’s heart beating, divine.

A symbol of love, hope, and endless grace,

Radiating from within this sacred space.

From the confines of my marble chest,

I yearn to share the blessings I’m blessed.

A vessel of life, a vessel of potential,

A catalyst for dreams, sublime and essential.

So let me dwell here, in serene repose,

As life within me tenderly grows.

A testament to the wonders we can find,

In the simplest of forms, this existence of mine.

For I am a chest of marble white,

A treasure trove, an extraordinary sight.

No lid to unveil what lies within,

A mystery waiting, where life’s joys begin.


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