Random type poem instructions

Random type on a keyboard without looking, hint best to position yourself on the home keys so you don’t type numbers, also try to keep your random letters in short sequences no more than five letters in a row before adding a space.

Ienx, soqngi oew asji iew obv wqp ien osne qo oid ghow xm z,zi bu limy tex zb ziq excm kksdu aksex mxhf qojd wisk mxbzv

 Next use spell check to choose a word from each group. If no words come up add an extra space to separate the group of letters.

In songs owed as awe, bob wept in some so odd how my size but limy tax by zap each kudu asked mph god wise mobs

If there are any words you don’t like or are not sure of, an optional solution is to use the synonym tool at this point, however, do not change words manually, only use your computer programs editing tools for spell check or synonyms

In songs owed by way of awe bob wept in some accordingly odd how my size but citrus duty by zap each kudu asked mph god wise mobs

Now freely move the words around and try to use ALL of the words. Punctuation can be used freely.

Bob wept in awe

by way of some odd songs

by Kudu-Zap-MPH,

but my wise mobs asked God

how each owed duty

accordingly in citrus size.


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