Awake: age 17

I feel as I have never felt before,

emotions that did not exist.

Love explodes, Joy overflowing.

I shudder at the pain in my chest.

Hatred intense, screaming inside me.

making me stronger each day.

expressions of wonder as I laugh in this thunder

of emotion, a mellifluous melee.

Joy bubbles up, a wellspring deep,

I feel as I have never felt before.

I laugh and dance, I cannot keep

my feet on solid ground. I soar.

But then comes pain, a searing ache,

This weight upon my chest, this pain,

I shudder and gasp. I cannot help but shake

It threatens to drive me insane.

Hatred too, a burning fire,

a strength in me, a will to fight,

A rage that only seems to inspire

to push through the darkness and into the light.

I will conquer the shame that I feel in the dark

Push away the pain and the guilt.

I will no longer shake at what I once was

but rejoice at the new me I’ve built.

I feel as I have never felt before,

A storm of emotions at my core.

Love bursts forth like a blazing sun,

My heart overflows my soul, undone.

I am alive, my heart is reeling.

As I wonder at this sense of awe,

I navigate this emotional maelstrom,

mellifluous melee symphony of feeling,

For even in the darkest night,

I will conquer the shame I feel,

There is a glimmer of hope, a spark of light,

I’ll push away the pain and guilt, and deal,

I will no longer fear the call

of what I once was, for now, I see

With all that comes my way, I’ll stand tall,

and be the new me that I am to be.

The floodgates are open, I’m ready to explore,

Contentment and peace, a newfound bliss,

Jealousy, fear, confusion, attraction, and more.

I never knew that life could be like this.

I feel as I have never felt before,

And though it’s daunting, I am sure,

That I am ready to endure.

the kaleidoscope of emotions at my core.


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