Morning memories with Mother

The sun rises, a new day is born,

Opportunities to seize, memories to adorn.

The warmth of sunshine, a gentle embrace,

A moment of beauty, a fleeting grace.

Sunshine bright, a burst of warmth and light,

Umbrella time, a shield from sight.

Umbrella time, a shield from the rain,

A haven of safety, a comforting refrain.

Under the umbrella, they find their own space,

A symbol of love, a cherished embrace.

Under the umbrella, a world of their own,

A symbol of safety, clearly shown.

Their footsteps leave a mark on the ground,

A testament to the love they’ve found.

Magic in the wind, a playful dance,

Nature’s wonder, a second chance.

The wind whispers secrets in the ear,

A reminder of nature’s magic, to those that hear.

Mother and child, a love so pure,

A bond, unbreakable, forever secure.

Mother and child, a bond so true,

Early in the morning, just them two.

Hand in hand, they race with glee,

A moment in time, forever free.

Running hand in hand, a joyful race,

A moment in time, full of grace.

Their laughter carries on the wind,

A shared moment, a precious find.

As the wind carries their laughter and delight,

moments multiply, pure and bright.

Sunshine, umbrella time, magic in the wind,

Mother and child, a love that will never end.

Early in the morning, running hand in hand,

A love that will forever stand.


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