Babies in the womb, a miraculous sight,

Growing and thriving, in darkness and light.

They feel joy, a spark of life’s embrace,

And sometimes, pain, as they find their place.

Tiny tears may form, though unseen by our eyes,

Expressions of their being, a tender surprise.

With tiny thumbs, they suck and explore,

Preparing for a world they’re destined to adore.

They respond to light, a gentle touch of fate,

Awareness awakens, their senses innate.

Even in the womb, they develop tastes,

Nurtured by the mother’s choices, their future paves.

Astonishingly, they can distinguish sound,

Languages spoken, melodies that surround.

A mother’s voice, a bond so profound,

Recognized and cherished, a connection unbound.

From the very beginning, they hold a precious place,

A miracle unfolding, with love and grace.

Preborn children, a wonder to behold,

Their journey commencing, stories yet untold.

So let us honor and protect each tiny life,

With compassion, even in strife.

For within them lies potential, dreams to unfurl,

Babies in the womb, a miracle, a precious pearl.


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