Prayer for my boy

All light fades when the day is done,

darkness creeps, and shadows run.

But fear not, for the moon shines bright,

bathing the world in silver light.

Here in my arms, my child doth sleep,

Dreams of wonder, his mind doth keep.

I hold him close, so warm and tight,

And pray to keep him safe tonight.

As he grows up, and faces strife,

May love and courage guide his life.

And in his heart, may he always find,

A peaceful haven, so warm and kind.

And when he holds his own child close,

And rocks him gently to and fro,

May he remember, in his heart,

that my love for him will never part.

For though the night may seem long,

fears may rise, so wild and strong,

he’ll know my love will never cease,

Lord bring him peace, bring him peace.


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