Constraint literature with double-end rhyme. (Eternity’s Treasure)

In azure skies, an allure of lore, I find, pure.

An adventure to explore, for heart and mind, secure.

Endure the trials, I implore, embrace the quest, endure.

Through valleys and in nature’s crest, explore.

Adore the beauty, the promise, the rapture, I can not ignore.

Capturing moments, memories pure, though I am not sure,

At this juncture, where pleasure thrives, furthermore,

adventure and culture intertwine our lives, evermore.

On the shores of time, You and I forevermore,

Implore the world, to explore and you and I adore,

In the depths, the Rapture, the sights to capture.

Unveiling the lore, that ignites our nights to explore.

Oh, implore you not to ignore the call, Endure!

To anchor our souls, lest we stumble and fall offshore

and with each step, on the path we tread, ignore

The map that leads to the treasure that lies ahead, for sure

The shore whispers secrets, ancient and wise, Pure

While waves dance in rhythm, under the skies rapture

In God’s embrace, we find solace pure, our reward

A symphony of life, an eternal allure our Lord.


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