Fear is the seed of the devil’s breed,

A poisonous fruit that spreads its weed,

It takes root in the heart of man,

And turns his soul to a darkened land.

It creeps and crawls deep into the mind,

And leaves only darkness and terror behind.

It feeds on our doubts and gnaws at our core,

turns us into someone we’ve never been before.

From fear comes anger, a bitter fruit,

That twists the heart and corrupts the root,

It gives birth to hatred and bitter envy,

And the soul is consumed by a raging frenzy.

It feeds on the soul and corrupts the mind,

And leaves us to wander, lost and blind.

The soul, once pure, now writhes in pain,

seeks relief from the never-ending strain.

Greed then follows, a cancerous blight,

And in its wake, goodness takes flight,

The innocence of man, it withers away,

the devil’s hold begins to sway.

It eats away at our moral core,

And leaves us feeling empty and sore.

It makes us forget what’s pure and true,

And leaves us with a pitiful residue.

The devil’s hold grows stronger and bolder,

the light we once had is now much colder.

Death is the end, the final curtain call,

it seems like the devil has won after all.

But fear not, for there is a way,

to break the cycle, and find the light of day.

God is the key, the antidote to fear,

God washes the soul, and makes life clear,

Love fills the heart with a sacred grace,

and frees the soul from the devil’s embrace.

Love washes away all the doubts and pain,

It fills the heart with a sacred refrain.

It brings us together and makes us one,

with love, we can rise like the morning sun.

let God be your guide, your light in the dark,

Let love shine in your soul, a vibrant spark.

Let us shed our fears and our doubts,

And let God take control and lead us out.

Only then can we hope to be free,

From the devil’s grasp, the darkness of misery.

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