Who will I be?

A question that lingers, persistently,

who was I, am I, and who will I be?

In all the flaws, the mistakes I’ve made,

the potential within, the strides yet to take,

Was I a rebel, a lost cause,

Am I a soul with purpose, worthy of applause?

Was I a misfit, a failure, or a shining star,

a dreamer, a fighter, a resilient heart?

I am a complex being, with shades of grey,

A mix of imperfection, and strength in display.

A lover, a fighter, a friend to all,

A work in progress, ever standing tall.

Who was I, am I, and who will I be?

A question that lingers, answered too hastily?

For all of who I am, it’s a part of me,

May the answer be seen through the lens of empathy.

Don’t judge by the surface, or the outward view,

Look deeper within, and you’ll see what’s true.

There’s more to me than what meets the eye,

A journey, a purpose, and a story to imply.

So who was I, am I, and who will I be?

A reflection of yourself, perhaps, more than me.

For we all see what we want to see,

may compassion, from these questions, set me free.


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