Using Rhyme sequence A B A C B C D (Eternity together)

A Through trials and tribulations, I wandered,

B Seeking joy’s elusive, ethereal grace,

A My heart heavy, my spirit squandered.

C But in the depths of despair, I found a guide,

B Yearning for solace I couldn’t embrace.

C A beacon of hope, in whom I could confide.

D In the search for true happiness, I roam,

A Jesus, the anchor, the rock of my soul,

B In the relationship we built, I discovered,

A I Unveiled a love that made me whole.

C No earthly possession could fill the void,

B The key to happiness, in Him uncovered.

C Only in His presence is true bliss enjoyed.

D Through valleys of longing, far from home.

A His grace, a treasure beyond compare,

B In the storms of life, He calmed my fears,

A Wrapped in the warmth of His tender care.

C His love, a shelter, a refuge so true,

B Wiped away every trace of my tears.

C A source of strength that continually grew.

D In the relationship we share, I am not alone

A For in the arms of Jesus, I found,

B No worldly pleasure could ever compare,

A joy that can’t be shaken or bound.

C So, let the world allure with its empty charms,

B To the eternal happiness I now bear.

C I’ve found true happiness in Jesus’ arms.

D I’ve discovered a love that’s forever known.


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