Two ABC constraint poems

A letter to the Countess, from the Queen.

Adams Beautiful Countess Darleen,

Edwin’s Folly, Gypsy Heathen, Immanent Jonquil King, Lies Maimed, Nearly Overthrown! Pardon Queer Royalty, Stubborn Towards Understanding… Vile Wanton! Xanthippe! Yeasty Zygote!

A letter to the Queen from the Countess.

Apologies Bounteous Concerning Dear Edwin,

Favoring Gallantry, Heroic Idealization. Jealousy Keeps Longsuffering Malevolent. Nobleness Obliges Pardon! Queen Regent. Salient Torment’s Undeserving Vexation, Wailfully X-ing Yesteryears’ Zeitgeist..

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