Live for today

Hold dear,

time is fleeting, today

savor the present, no fear.

Let’s live in our own special way.

fleeting moments fly,

Let our spirits soar high

into life’s sky, clouds, interwoven with gold,

reflecting rainbows, sights to behold.

Let trouble subside,

Embrace with arms open wide.

The sun, sets, but warmth remains,

let go of worry, anxiety has you in chains.

Amidst flowers, vibrant and fair,

breathe in and relax in the scented air.

Let laughter ring, like a melodious bell,

In this moment, joyful. let life’s cares dispel.

As nature embraces

Find solace in delicate traces,

rustling leaves, and whispering breeze,

find peace among the harmony of the trees.

Friendships dear, precious gems,

cherish the flowers that are true to stem.

Let love and kinship thrive, move and expand.

Time passes in the hourglass, falling grains of sand,

Let your heart proclaim.

In passions pursued, fervent flame,

Embrace the arts, with creativity’s bloom,

For in this moment, your dreams find room.

Let life resound.

A reminder profound,

a chance we should not miss.

For in the present, we find our bliss,

Let our spirits fly.

As the sun arcs across the sky,

For in this moment, life’s treasures gleam,

live each day as if it is our last chance to dream.


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