About Constraints and other literature

Constrained literature is writing that follows a set number of rules. Often poetry is written in this form. Stories can also be written this way. WoPoLi is inspired by OuLiPo, meaning Workshop of Potential Literature. I have found a fascination with the developmental opportunities in this form of literature, though I pursue all forms of literature. WoPoLi is more than just literature however, it is a philosophy. One that pushes boundaries and explores human creativity beyond the limits of tradition, all the while embracing the values tradition has given us. My passion extends to fiction, non-fiction and creative non-fiction as my newest exploration. From lyrical essays to  personal memoirs new forms and traditional forms of non-fiction offer inspiration worth exploring. WoPoLi is about creativity and the potential it brings. This Website is devoted to just that, potential.



All photos and text are of my creation.

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