Support Freedom of Thought

I welcome thoughts, every side, Though I may not agree, Respect is my unwavering guide, I expect nothing less in being free. In open conversations, I reside, differing opinions, side by side, Respectful, I strive to be, in understanding, embrace diversity. My daughter, with her tender heart, Cautioning me, her words sincere, "Separate your worlds … Continue reading Support Freedom of Thought

News Poetry (Biden’s Border Crisis)

In our borderland's vast expanse, migration takes its stance, Since Biden's oath, a surge occurred, the border edges, an illegal herd a nation of hopes, stories unfold, A tale of contradictions, by media untold, border's edge, surge not contained, many seek refuge, resources drained. Ten thousand a day, an alarming decree, Cross into America, seek … Continue reading News Poetry (Biden’s Border Crisis)

It’s our rainbow. Give it back. By Salie Davis

The rainbow's allure, vibrant colors its meaning expands,No longer confined, a wide range holds across all lands.In arcs, in concentric bands, it symbolizes heaven's graces,A celebration of humanity's multicolored array, of different faces.of cultures and races, neurodiverse, let unity be found,For the rainbow's essence, is not in singularity, it will not be bound.Of different race … Continue reading It’s our rainbow. Give it back. By Salie Davis

The Ultimate Equation (from The Poet and The Mathematician)

The equation by Salie Davis 2003 The Ultimate Equation In the world of symbols and signs,Where math and language intertwine,There's an equation that's undefined,A concept that's hard to define. Zero times infinity,Is a puzzle to see,A mystery to unravel,A paradox to grapple. But in the realm of emotions,Where love and passion are in motion,There's a … Continue reading The Ultimate Equation (from The Poet and The Mathematician)