Goodnight Kiss

Through the twists and turns we go, In this waltz of life's grand show, With every step, we learn and grow. The universe unfolds its gentle plea, To cherish moments, wild and free, And in each other, find sanctuary. With courage as our guiding star, We conquer battles near and far, Together, we withstand what's … Continue reading Goodnight Kiss

Love is Light

Love is the light that guides us through, A force that makes us feel brand new. Love is patient, love is true, And it's the bond that connects me and you. Love can take many different forms, From friendship to romance, transforms. It's the heartbeat that keeps us warm, The shelter that keeps out the … Continue reading Love is Light

The world is a canvas, poem, and constraint comparison

The world is a canvas The world is a canvas, painted With colors that shift and dance, A masterpiece in motion, By the hand of time, its trance. Each stroke of nature's brush Adds depth and vibrant hue, From sunrise's golden rush, To the skies' changing blue. With each passing day, The canvas takes on … Continue reading The world is a canvas, poem, and constraint comparison