Virtual Worlds in Literature

I have been exploring the virtual space as a potential platform for creative expression and its potential uses in literature.  I have been promoting this new technology and it has great potential as an avenue to address the need for creative opportunities in new media. The posts in this section are for creative, educational, cultural, academic, and career-orientated applications, especially in overcoming the barriers of those who participate globally! Virtual worlds can be a platform not only to share, but to meet and create materials that can then be shared via video, photo, and social networking. Kitely is an opportunity to have an actual “space”, even if, much like actual buildings, people rarely visit, it can still be represented as part of a cohesive identity and utilized in many other venues. It offers a virtual space for performance, art, literature, storytelling, and more. To learn more about virtual worlds visit my sister sites,  and

Please note the Art on this website. I usually sign my art with my digital signature. Some art is concept art, images created in part by me with the help of open-source technology. Other images are screenshots from the virtual worlds I create. The 3d objects are sometimes made by me or purchased by me or are open source and I have the right to take pictures of the virtual world environments I create. Photographs I have taken, and some open-source images I have used tools like Photoshop to alter. I use digital art, I paint and use many mediums, then recycle art by digitizing them and reworking them in many ways. I have had a direct hand in all artwork on this sight. I own it. If I signed it then I consider it my artwork. I have an emotional attachment to the hard work I put into it. If it is unsigned, I created it as concept art or am not yet satisfied with it as a final product. I am not perfect but if I waited until I felt that my work was complete, no one would ever see it. This site is a Workshop of Potential!

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