About me

I offer extensive experience managing virtual teams in educational applications as a consultant and in the private sector, as well as in corporate applications. I have worked in the ever-emergent remote workforce for over ten years, as a web author, content creator and as a coach/mentor supporting remote workers in customer care fields. I have volunteered as an academic coach and mentor while earning my degrees at Empire State College via distance and currently serve as the President of the Graduate Student Collaborative, organizing online seminars and meetings. I have worked as an Operations Management Division Analyst (OMDA) for Sykes, a completely remote position. Prior to this position, I piloted several programs at Sykes, creating procedures and supports in these emerging programs as well as training employees, and creating training manuals and videos. Both my degrees in creative marketing and in media communications complements my ability to address the specific challenges that learning and teaching through technology interfaces creates. I worked as an educator, teaching art, music and computer for five years at a private school. I designed all the curriculum for these classes. My current studies in learning and teaching in emerging technologies have kept my knowledge of educational applications cutting edge.

I develop curriculum for my autistic daughter and have been working with educational design in virtual worlds. I develop open source curriculum that I provide access to on my blog and websites. I am a founding member of the think tank, the Institute for New Paradigms. One mission of this organization is to serve as consultants to organizations seeking to grow in rich, often technology mediated, forms of learning and communication. I routinely help organize and present at seminars on leadership, emerging technologies and education. I have organized college diversity discussions that bridged students across the state through technology conferencing. I also supported students during a pilot program of an immersive virtual residency conducted by Empire State College.

My education and work experience make me especially adept in working with teams and individuals through distance technology. I worked in the health and human services fields for ten years before switching career paths. These positions included intensive work with special populations of all ages and training in behavioral techniques and communications. My interpersonal communication skills enable me to deliver results in a person focused environment. By proactive analysis, I anticipate needs to provide information, resources and communications. I remain professional and respectful in high stress conflict situations with empathy and diplomacy to provide resolution. This is more challenging in a virtual environment than in one that is face to face. My passion for supporting and motivating people to be the best that they can be. This is what drives me.


SUNY Empire State College, New York, Master of Arts, Dec 2019

Learning in Emerging Technologies

SUNY Empire State College, New York, Dec 2019

Certificate Teaching in Emerging Technologies

SUNY Empire State College, New York, Bachelor of Arts Degree

Interdisciplinary Studies: Creative Marketing and Media Communications, June 2015

SUNY Empire State College Associate’s Degree

Interdisciplinary Studies: Creative Marketing. June 2011


Down East Horizons

Sign Language Certification, 2003

Care and Comfort

Behavioral Specialist, 2003

Community Health and Human services

Certified Medications Technician, 2002

Residential Councilor, 2001

United Technologies Center

Activities Coordinator, 1998

Mount Desert Island Adult Education

Certified Nursing Assistant, 1995

Presentations (Oral and Poster):

OSCC Challenging Goliath, Bringing Virtual Reality into Higher Education………October 2018


CUNY Games Conference 4.0,  January 2018


SUNY Student Wellness Retreat, April 2018


SUNY poster contest presenter, April 2010

SUNY Undergraduates Shaping New York’s Future: A Showcase of Scholarly Posters


Grants Received:

Otter Creek Park and Playground Construction Fund Town of Mount Desert, 1996

Grant awarded for 10,000 dollars to construct a village recreational area

Acadia Christian School art program Garelic Farms, 2014

500 dollar grant from for the purchase of supplies


Institutional Service:

SUNY Graduate Student Collaborative President, 2017-Current


Institute for New Paradigms founding member, 2018-Current


Empire State College tutor, 2010-2012

Telephonic conferences and written communication for distance learners

Created online learning videos

Conducted virtual learning screen share activities

Empire State College CDL Connection student reporter, 2010-2012

Conducted interviews and submitted articles for publication

Community Involvement:

4H V.O.L.T. trained leader, 1996-2011

Co-led 4h groups

Supervised at major 4H event including overnight and extended conferences

Created a pilot initiative for a virtual 4H group

Summer Camp counselor, 2005-2007

Developed and implemented camp activities for photography classes

Supervised and engaged a cabin of 6 girls in daily activities and overnight

Otter Creek Park and Play Ground Project Coordinator,  1997-2002

Responsible for designing a park and a playground

Project coordination and managing construction

Fund raising for 15,000 separate from town grant

Otter Creek Aide Society Director, 1996-2002

Village improvement society serving 1000 plus people

Responsible for running annual village events and holiday celebrations

Management of village owned properties

Town of Mount Desert, 1995-1997

Traffic Safety Committee

Relevant Experience:


Virtual Reality platforms / Zoom conferencing / Adobe conferencing/ Microsoft Office

OSX software/ Linux open source software/ Windows software/ Adobe Creative Suites

RTM / RTA/WFO/ EWFM /Kronos / Aspect /Avaya /Spark / Skype/Messenger/ Social media platforms and other web based tools.

Content Creation

Home school Instructor all grade levels, 1997-2009 / 2014-2019

Researched, designed and implemented custom curriculum

Alpine Access/Sykes serving high profile clients with a virtual workforce, 2012-2019

Corporate Operation Management Division- America

Productivity team and Technology team

Program support, coaching, training, and supervision

Sales, customer service and support

Acadia Christian School: Art, Music, and Computer Science teacher all grade levels, 2009-2014

Supported the program through solicited donations and supplies

Researched, designed and implemented custom curriculum

Wrote and designed curriculum and Art book

Web Content Writer and Photographer for acadianationalpark.com, 2010

Travel and leisure article and photography

Acadian Otter Corporate Manager, 2003-2010

Oversaw marketing and operations of rental and land management

Down East Horizons, Residential Specialist and Job Coach, 2002-2003

In home care and training of combative adults with physical and mental disabilities

Sign language communication

Facility care, job training and coaching for developmentally challenged adults

Care and Comfort Behavioral Specialist 1, 2002-2003

Home based intervention of emotionally challenged children

C.H.C.S. Residential Councilor and In-service trainer, 1999-2002

Supervision and life counseling of 6 teenage high risk youth

Bar Harbor Times, Otter Creek Correspondent, 1994-1999

Weekly village news article/editorial

Sonogee Rehabilitation and Living Center, Activities Director and In-service trainer, 1997-2000

Management of 36 patients afflicted by Dementia and staff training


The Art of Cultural Communication

Challenges our Leaders Face in the Global Work Community

I was born in a rural town in the northern most part of Maine. I had little cultural awareness as our small town culture was set in its ways, and a good 30 years behind the rest of the country. I knew even less about global culture. Even though Canada was a short drive away, my first impression of that countries culture was my parents telling me to go outside on the weekends until it was time for meals, but not to journey too far into the woods, as I may never come out of them and end up in Canada speaking French.

Now I recruit future team members across all of North America, and have had the privilege to travel the entire expanse of the eastern seaboard working with people across the globe in education and employment. I have valued the many roles I have held in my career with Sitel Group,working from home for over a decade. Sitel Group “employs 160,000 employees across locations in 40 countries, serving 700+ customers in 50+ languages” according to the companies site. That is a statistic that I proudly declare to future employees. It is an amazing feat, to say the least.

I first discovered the need for cultural awareness while working with clients in the US that hired employees from across the continent. These teams were virtually organized and managed. Early on we did phone interviews, and had meetings through teleconferences. I remember one meeting in particular, where our leaders were venting frustrations concerning the written responses phone agents would send to them when they were being supported in chat rooms, and when they spoke to these agents on the phone. The leaders felt these responses were disrespectful, and had decided that the agents who were using this type of communication would receive written disciplinary action. When I heard what the written and verbal offenses were, I had no choice but to intercede.

The agents were referring to the supervisors by their first names, which was standard procedure at the time, however, they were using Mr. and Ms. prior to the first name, such as Ms. Barb, or Mr. John. The leaders were certain they were being mocked because as soon as they would tell one person to use the first name only, later that day or week, someone else would refer to them in the same manner. They felt that this was a serious offense at the level of group organized insubordination, and demanded support in their corrective action plans to discipline the offending employees.

At this time, a majority of our leadership was from the Northern U.S. Hemisphere. We had recently expanded and a large portion of new hires were from Southern U.S. states that we had expanded into. My trips to Miami, and the Florida Keys came in handy in ways I could not have imagined. I remember by first encounter with this cultural trend. A friend and business associate giving us a tour of his business had employees who kept calling him Mr. Monty. I looked at him with such oblivious confusion he had to laugh when in a puzzled voice I asked if the people he was working with knew his last name. He explained to me that in this southern culture they were showing their respect acknowledging his authority by using his first name with a prefix.

Our leaders were about to take disciplinary action against agents for showing them respect.

Should we have then educated the agents, that their way of showing respect was wrong. Should we have enforced that they do it our way, simply because we were the leadership? After all wouldn’t this eliminate future cultural misunderstandings?

Becoming culturally aware in the global and virtual work force is not about standardizing our corporate cultures. This is the first mistake often made and best avoided. Cultural identity is what makes a global company strong. Rather than standardizing our culture, we can incorporate an understanding of what makes us different and acknowledge how those differences give us the competitive edge in the global market. We can do this by understanding how our cultural identity may interfere with communications that are coming from a different cultural identity than our own.

My experience working with a team in the Philippines exemplifies our need to expand our acceptance of differences in written structure and cultural idioms. Working in a combine chat between American leaders and leaders from teams in the Philippines, the habit of team members to be social in the work environment, joking with each other and poking “harmless” fun at our selves and our teams, created a rift that again quickly escalated to the head of the Philippines team wanting to take disciplinary action against the American team members for insubordination. In this situation I was unable to make my observations known as I was at a lower hierarchical level than the Philippines leader. Any observation I made during the meeting would be seen as further disrespect. Instead I called my supervisor into a meeting, explained the cultural issue and he, being equal to the leader in the Philippines was then able to have a private conversation and properly apologize for the misunderstanding. We did not demand that the Philippines team “lighten up”, we did however move our social and jovial team building discussions to a separate format to improve communications with the Philippines team members. We respected their cultural identity for a serious work environment and were even able to invite them to events designed to be specifically social in nature where they could be more relaxed and participate in social group activities.

Even common idioms can cause cultural rifts in team communications. One Operations Management meeting was cut short when one of the leaders from a brick and mortar complex stated they had to leave early in order to “put out some fires”. The Philippines team reacted with genuine concern for the safety of our employees, thinking that the building itself was on fire. This brought about jovial laughter from the American team and further insult to the Philippines team. They went silent and the meeting became non-productive. Due to our insensitivity and unintentional blindness to the cultural identity team members from this other culture valued, this also required follow up meetings to alleviate the damage caused.

My last example, I have learned while working with my Canadian team. Due to the benefits that working from home brings to future employees, we have had the opportunity to tap into human resources from many different cultures and areas, both locally and with immigrant populations. North America is constantly evolving as people from all over the global community settle here and seek to join our work force. Something as simple as differences in accents can manifest itself as a barrier preventing qualified people from promotions or hindering support, even preventing qualified candidates success at the hiring stage. This is due to our unintentional bias and cultural tendency to favor people whose mannerism and speech is similar to ours. Holding employees to correct grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, when not directly related to job requirements is culturally insensitive.

We are the leading standard for excellence in Business Process Outsourcing for both Work from Home and as a global corporate community. Learning about other cultures so that we do not project our values onto other individuals on our team is essential to the development of a healthy global corporate community. Culturally diverse teams are often more innovative and offer creative results that benefit the team as a whole. Our goal should be to create a culturally diverse and inclusive work environment through understanding and cultural awareness. This is the art of cultural communication and challenges our leaders face in the global work community.

About the author:

Salie Davis has worked as a virtual employee for over a decade with Sitel Group under Legacy Sykes. Starting as an agent she has served in many roles, working with many diversified teams and clients.

She has three degrees earned through distance learning with active contributions to the global educational community and has shared her creative and written talents through virtual conferences and global communities.

Random type

Random type poem instructions

Random type on a keyboard without looking, hint best to position yourself on the home keys so you don’t type numbers, also try to keep your random letters in short sequences no more than five letters in a row before adding a space.

Ienx, soqngi oew asji iew obv wqp ien osne qo oid ghow xm z,zi bu limy tex zb ziq excm kksdu aksex mxhf qojd wisk mxbzv

 Next use spell check to choose a word from each group. If no words come up add an extra space to separate the group of letters.

In songs owed as awe bob wept in some so odd how my size but limy tax by zap each kudu asked mph god wise mobs

If there are any words you don’t like or are not sure of, optional solution is to use the synonym tool at this point, however do not change words manually, only use your computer programs editing tools for spell check or synonyms

In songs owed by way of awe bob wept in some accordingly odd how my size but citrus duty by zap each kudu asked mph god wise mobs

Now freely move the words around and try to use ALL of the words. Punctuation can be used freely.

Bob wept in awe by way of some odd songs by Kudu-Zap-MPH, but my wise mobs asked God how each owed duty accordingly in citrus size.

A palindrome of 777 words performed virtually in 777 seconds

A Palindrome in 777 words by Salie Davis
Revoke! ‘Tis I, time’s eye.  Finish sin if eyes emit; six a.m.;
Max is noon; 13. 02. 2031, 24. 02. 2042.?
Dias; “Ah!”
Satan said; “Star Di, Asa, Dennis, Natasha, Ron, Maori, Ida, Ed, Hannah,
One Dragon, Eva, Sharon, Naomi, Isa, Emos, Deborah, Royal, Rats, Eros,
Tenet, Dogma, Id, Nacina, Paris, Devil; Sinned!”
Tenet; “God! Too far away! Murmur, murmur;”
Rats; “‘Y? no mere clay, or wonder; Murmur murmur;
Yes! Orders red rum. Redder, Eh? ‘Twas I? Dog! Tonsured rum pots!”
Said; “Murder, Red Rose of Sharon!” He murders red rose! Y?
Dennis said; “sinned?  Did I? Now I won top spot! Ah, Natasha Dias sees dog star. Put it up!” (Sinned.)
“As a god. Fool! A! Wow! ‘ave;‘ave some red rum too?
Fall apart, Natasha!”
Tenet; “Lives evil!”
Dennis; “‘ave some lager?”
Natasha Dias; “Doggy! Dash sin if I deliver Hannah?”
Star Di: “Did I as I? Was I? I was raw Dog! As a devil, I am god deified!”
Dennis said; “Ha! Ron? He lived as a rat’s god.
Wow! I Liven a mood. I roamed under it!
Revolt! Aha!, Live! He said, “as a foe man”, as I live!”
Natasha said; “Did Nacina play, or did moody Ida? So, Ida? Adios!”
“Hey Dad! Are we not drawn onward? ”
Dias said; “Ah! Satan! Rats deliver goddesses! So pay.
Flesh saw a sin. Mad, dastard, Hannah. Raw as a widened dam!”
Hannah; “I madam! I made fool a poor Dog!”
Natasha Dias;  “I !(Moan); go deliver Eh? I saw thee mad!”
Dennis Dias; “Sir, appalls Dog!” (stops);
“Sleep repel! Eros eye, saw Hannah.”
Said Hannah; “Eva! Can I live on?”
“Hannah, O’, No! Ah!”
Satan; “Live dirt up!”
Mom said; “Ha! Robed!”
God; “Live not on evil, Madam Natasha, Madam Hannah, Dias!
Murder Regal Red Rose of Sharon? I name no Devil Dog as selfless!
A Devil! One Dragon! Pupils pull up! No Garden! O!
Norah, regal red rose! Y? Naomi? (Moan); ‘Y doom?”
Sharon Dias; “Mom! Ei! Reverie! Live O’ Devil, never odd or even.
No, it is opposition! ‘Y a period won? Oh!
Who was it I saw? Oh! Who? Ha!”
Ron; “I!”
Eva; “Revolt lover!”
Id; “Rats gnash teeth!”
Sang Star Di; “Do? Do Good’s deeds? Live on? Reviled did I live! God saw!
 I, deified! I was Dog! Evil I did deliver!
No! Evil’s deeds do, O, God! O! Did Rats gnash teeth?”
Sang Star Di; “Revolt! Love! Rave I?”
Norah; “Oh, who was it I saw, Oh who? Now do I repay?
No, it is opposition!
Never odd or even! Live? Do evil? Ei! Reverie!”
Mom said; “Norah’s moody.”
Naomi; “(Moan): Yes. Order lager! Ha! Ron!”
One Dragon; “Pull up? Slip up! No Garden? O’, lived as selfless?
A god lived one man! I!”
Norah’s foes order lager. Red rum.
Said Hannah; “Madam, Ah! Satan! Madam, live not on evil Dog!”
Deborah Dias (Mom); “Putrid evil! Natasha!  O’, No!
Hannah! No evil in a cave.”
Hannah Dias? Hannah was eye sore leper! (peels spots);
God; (sllap!)
Paris said; “Sinned dame? Eh? ‘Twas I! Here, vile Dog!” 
Naomi said; “Ah! Satan! Go droop aloof. Ed, am I mad?
Am I, Hannah? Madden.
Ed, I was. A war.
Hannah; “Drat, sad, Damn!”
Isa; “Wash self. Ya possessed Dog, reviled Star!”
Natasha Dias said; “Drawn onward, to new era!
Dad, Yeh. So.
Ida; “ Adios A! Di, ‘Y doom, Did Royal panic and Id?”
Dias; “Ah!”
Satan; “Evil is a name of Asa!”
Dias; “Eh? Evil! A hat lover,! Tired nude!”
Maori; “Doom an evil! I! Wow! Dog Star as a Devil, eh?”
Norah Dias Sinned. 
Deified Dogma; “I lived as a god. War saw I. I saw! I said I did! Rats!”
Hannah; “Reviled, I finish sad. ‘Y, “G” ,God?”
Said; “Ah!! Satan regal?!”
Emos; “Eva, Sinned. Lives Evil!”
Satan; “Trap all afoot! Murder!”
Emos;  “Eva!”
Eva; “Wow, Aloof Dog as a!”
Dennis; “Put it up! Rats! God sees!”
Said; “Ah!”
Satan; “Ha! Top spot. Now I won! I did! 
Dennis Dias sinned. Yes! Orders red rum. Eh!”
Norah’s foes order red rum!
Dias; “Stop! Murder us not!”
God; “I saw the redder murders.”
Red Rose; “Y? Rum. Rum. Rum. rum red now.”
Royal; “Ceremony Star! Rum. Rum. Rum. Rum.
Ya! War a foot. Dog! Tenet!”
Dennis; “Lived Sir? A panic!
and I am god! tenet?
Sore Star? lay or?
Ha! robed some, as I, I moan.”
Norah; “Save! No Garden. O!”
Hannah; “Dead, I. I roam.”
Norah; “Satan sinned!”
“A!” said Rats, Dias.
Natasha said; “Dog!”

Instructions for the performance play-

The names of the characters are spoken by the narrator (the character of Jesus Christ) to draw attention to the actions of the characters or before the specific character speaks. Words sometimes represent actions that are part of the palindrome and are also spoken by the narrator. The only words heard on stage are those that are specific to the palindrome. The story is given detail in actions, in select props, in symbolic wardrobe and in lighting that are all dramatized for effect. The only props needed are pews, pedestals, a cross, a bottle of rum and lager, a small cave and a single chair along with different colored robes, different colored body suits, different colored scarves, which represent various sins (the giving out of such can be simplified according to artistic interpretation), a spotted scarf or one with Velcro attached spots, an identifier for Time, such as a clock or staff and a really big fancy woman’s hat. This play would benefit from music. A musical palindrome would enrich it even more so.
Suggested set up for a one act play-
Initially the stage is dark. (Right and left references are facing the stage.) Pews are at the left of the stage in the mid area of the left side. These hold the Dias family and other church members. These people wear grey robes. Under their grey robes are white body suits or robes. God, dressed in a white robe, is positioned at the left of the stage in the rear area of the left side, on the highest pedestal. God is always represented with a capital “G” just as other characters who try to be idol gods are represented with a lower case “g”.
The Narrator (Jesus Christ) is at the left front, off stage at a podium or on the stage at the left front on a pedestal equal to God. Jesus is also referred to in the play as the Red Rose of Sharon. A cross is set behind him. Jesus is dressed in a white robe. His robe may be trimmed in red at the base and sleeves. A crown of thorns may also be used at this same point in the play in which the crucifixion is represented.
At the center rear of the stage is a set of three low pedestals. The center pedestal of these three is slightly elevated from the ones on either side. This center pedestal is where Star stands. She wears a gold robe.
At the right rear of the stage is another high pedestal, lower than that of God, in which Satan stands. He wears a black robe. The Rats and various Demons are gathered in front of Satan.
The Rats all wear black robes and carry black scarves. The Rats represent the occult members. The Demons all wear body suits. One Dragon wears a red suit with green scarves and represents unrighteous anger and ill temper. Devil wears a green suit with orange scarves and represents confusion and madness. Emos wears a purple suit and blue scarves and represents depression, sadness and being alone. Royal wears a gold suit and purple scarves, representing false rulers, and self appointed power. Eros wears a pink suit with red scarves representing physical desire or empty longing for passion such as the love for drink or other addictions. Tenet wears an orange body suit and silver scarves representing beliefs in a religion that believes in the organization rather than the truth. Dogma wears a silver suit and gold scarves representing authoritative and judgmental doctrine. Id wears a blue suit with pink scarves to represent the instinctual and unconscious nature of sin.
In this same area, out of sight or off to the side, is a chair holding Asa. He wears a nude colored body suit and a big fancy ladies hat. The small cave, big enough to fit one crouched person is also somewhere on stage out of sight with the spotted scarf inside or Velcro spots on a scarf.
The character of “Times Eye” represents time.The character should signify Father Time in appearance, with a white robe or, Time, in a white robe wearing or carrying a clock. A spotlight appears to the right of the stage to draw attention Times Eye as the character walks slowly from the right side of the stage to exit the left side of the stage as the character speaks. At the same time a spot lights appear on Jesus and God. From this point the spot lights are ever present on God and Jesus except for one important moment during the play. A red light may illuminate Satan in the same way. This is an artistic representation of their constant and unwavering presence. This original Palindrome was written prior to 2010.
Times Eye- “Revoke, ‘tis I, time’s eye.  Finish sin if eyes emit… six a.m.  … Max is noon… 01, 02, 2010… 12, 02, 2021?”
This statement represents an expression concerning the end of time and the end of sin. Note that the dates can be changed to reflect current times, 11, 02, 2011, … 02, 02, 2020 etc., while maintaining the palindrome, as time progresses beyond these dates. This action keeps with the artistic intent that no one knows when time will end while highlighting the possibility it could be soon.
The Demons and Rats begin moving from the right of the stage to the left of the stage, towards the pews following Time. The Rats slink. The Demons walk, skip, jump and dance. A spotlight falls upon Star as Tenet places a silver scarf on Star. The artistic intent is to symbolize false worship. Tenet pulls Eva from the pews.  Id places a pink scarf on her. Royal gives Star a purple scarf. This signifies the idolization of royalty. When scarves are given they are initially seen as beautiful but as they mount in numbers they become a burden to the wearer. Tenet puts Eva on a pedestal next to Star. Tenet places a silver scarf on Eva. The Rats worship Eva and Star. Royal places a purple scarf on Eva. The Rats give Eva and Star black Scarves. The black scarves symbolize the occult.
Jesus Christ- “Reviled, Eva’s dog swept pews!”
Eva, Rats, Star and Demons react at this statement and a spot lights sweeps through the pews. The Rats and Demons whisper to those in the pews. The artistic intent is that this statement and actions symbolize temptation. Id gives all the Rats a pink scarf.
Jesus Christ “God!”
Jesus makes a hand gesture towards God as if announcing God’s presence. God continues to be ever observant. Every one in pews, Rats, Demons, Star and Eva react.
Jesus Christ “Dias”
Jesus makes a hand gesture towards the pews. Lighting increases so that the left side of the stage is fully viewable.
Dias family “Ah!”
All characters that are members of the Dias Family speak this in awe and fear.
Jesus Christ “Satan said”
A spotlight shows Satan at the right of the stage. Ideally a light might illuminate each person as their name is spoken or/and as they speak as characters.
Satan- “Star Di, Asa, Dennis, Natasha, Ron, Maori, Ida, Ed, Hannah,
One Dragon, Eva, Sharon, Naomi, Isa, Emos, Deborah, Royal, Rats, Eros,
Tenet, Dogma, Id, Nacina, Paris, Devil; Sinned.”
As Satan speaks lighting increases to show the full stage, he points to all the characters, accusingly. Each character reacts to its name as they might in the time of judgment.
Jesus Christ “Tenet!”
Tenet gives all the Rats silver scarves then is walking around the pews whispering in the ears of the people. The artistic intent is the temptation to sin under religious doctrine.
Tenet “God, Too far away; Murmur, murmur”
Tenet draws attention to the center stage with Star on a pedestal as he whispers. Tenet is tempting people with religious doctrine that is not based on truth.
Jesus Christ “Rats”
The Rats (five in total) are walking around the pews whispering in the ears of the people, tempting them with false rewards for joining the occult.
Rat One “‘Y? No mere clay or wonder. Murmur murmur”
The artistic intent of this statement is the idolization of the self. Royal gives Rat One a purple scarf.  Rat One pulls Ron, Eva’s boyfriend, from the pews. Id puts a pink scarf on him. Rat One places a black scarf on Ron to symbolize his acceptance of the occult and puts him on the other pedestal next to Star. Tenet places a silver scarf on Ron. All the Rats worship Ron, Eva and Star. Royal places a purple scarf on Ron. Eros gives Rat Two a bottle of Rum, and places a red scarf on Rat Two. This symbolizes the empty longing for passion and temptation to fill this with drink. Since Rats are also people, they can receive scarves as well. Eros is whispering to Rat One. Rat Two pulls Dennis Dias from the pews and gives him the bottle of rum and a black scarf. Id places a pink scarf on him. Dennis proceeds to drink. Eros drapes a red scarf on Dennis.
Rat Two-“Yes! Orders red rum, redder Eh?”
Rat Two rejoices at the drunkenness of Dennis Dias. Dennis Dias pulls Natasha Dias (his daughter) from the pews and gives her the rum. Id places a pink scarf on her. A Rat gives Natasha a black scarf. She drinks and also becomes drunk. She gives the rum back to Dennis. Eros drapes a red scarf on Natasha. They both begin worshipping Star (AKA  Dog Star, Di, Star-Di, Dog, and Doggie), The various names of Star symbolizes the many possibilities for people to find idols, in great objects in the sky, royalty, or leaders, famous people, animals, or trendy concepts and ideas etc. Ron and Eva are also being worshiped. Ron and Eva participate in the drink and are given red scarves from Eros.
Rat Two “ ‘Twas I!”  
Rat Two rejoices in the accomplishments.
Rat Three “ Dog!”
Rat Three points at and accuses Star. Dogma gives Rat Three a Gold scarf symbolizing false judgment and blame.
Rat Four-“Tonsured rum pots!”
Rat Four accuses Dennis, Natasha, Ron and Eva. Dogma gives Rat Four a Gold scarf.
Jesus Christ “Said”
Rat Five addresses every one including the audience pointing as Dogma places a Gold scarf on him.
Rat Five “Murder! Red Rose of Sharon!”
At this statement the cross behind Jesus lights up. Jesus puts his arms out as if hanging on the cross and bows his head. Alllights go out so that the stage and audience is in complete darkness for three seconds. The artistic intent is the three days Jesus spent in Darkness. If this is not desirable by the production then the red light on Satan may remain as Satan rejoices in victory. After three seconds the lights resume as before. The Rats point at God, questioning his allowance of the crucifixion of Jesus. Devil places orange scarves on them.
Rats “He murders red rose! Y?”
Jesus Christ “Dennis said”
As Dennis is speaking Natasha gets on her knees in front of Star. Dennis points out her guilt in worshipping Star.
Dennis “sinned?  Did I? Now I won top spot.  Ah. Natasha Dias sees dog star. put it up!”
Dogma places a gold scarf on Dennis symbolizing unrighteous judgment.
Jesus Christ “Sinned.”
Dennis “As a god! Fool A! Wow! ‘Ave, ‘Ave some red rum too.
Fall apart, Natasha!”
Dennis gives Natasha the bottle of rum again. Tenet speaks and all the Rats and Demons jump and dance.
Jesus Christ “Tenet!”
Tenet “Lives evil!”
A Rat gives Dennis a bottle of lager. He drinks it then gives the lager to Natasha with his next line.
Jesus Christ“Dennis”
Dennis “‘Ave some lager?”
Natasha, suddenly feels repulsed at being drunk, throws the drinks down and turns to Star offering to bring her sister Hannah into the occult in exchange for forgiveness. Tenet gives Natasha a silver scarf.
Jesus Christ-“Natasha Dias”
Natasha Dias-“Doggy! Dash sin if I deliver Hannah?”
Natasha pulls Hannah from the pews and brings her to Star, AKA  Star-Di, Dog, Doggy, Di, Dog Star, who is too self absorbed to notice. Id places a pink scarf on her. Hannah is given a black scarf by a Rat and begins worshipping Star. Tenet places a silver scarf on her.
Jesus Christ-“Star Di”
Star Di “Did I as I? Was I? I was raw Dog, as a devil, I am god deified.”
As Star is speaking Devil puts an orange scarf on her symbolizing confusion and madness.
Jesus Christ “Dennis said”
As Dennis is speaking the Rats are pointing at Ron and Eva and whispering in both his and Natasha’s ears.
Dennis “Ha! Ron? He lived as a rat’s god.
Wow, I Liven a mood. I roamed under it…
Revolt, AHA, Live!”
While this is being said Tenet is whispering to Dennis who then struggles with Ron and throws Ron off his pedestal. Tenet helps Dennis unto the pedestal and gives him a silver scarf. At the word “revolt” Natasha throws Eva off her pedestal, and takes her place. Royal gives Dennis and Natasha a purple scarf.
Jesus Christ-“He said”
Dennis “as a “foeman” as I live.”
Naomi and Ed, Ron’s parents, leave the pews to comfort Ron and Eva. Id places pink scarves on Naomi and Ed. A Rat leads Hannah to a stand next to her sister, Natasha’s pedestal. Royal places a purple scarf on her. Both revel in being worshipped by the Rats. As Natasha speaks to Dennis in the next line, Nacina and Ida, friends of Natasha, leave the pews and are given pink scarves by Id.
Jesus Christ-“Natasha said”
Natasha- “Did Nacina play or did moody Ida? So. Ida? Adios!
Hey Dad, are we not drawn onward? ”
As Natasha speaks, The Rats give Nacina and Ida black scarves and they join in the occult of worshipping those on the pedestals. Emos gives Ida a blue scarf symbolizing depression. At the word, “Adios” Ida walks away crying. Tenet gives Nacina a silver scarf. Nacina is whispering to Sharon, who is in the pews and she leaves the pews as well and is given a black scarf by a Rat and a pink scarf by Id. She stands next to her father, Dennis’s pedestal, and is given a purple scarf by Royal.
Jesus Christ-“Dias said”
Dennis is talking to Satan in the following line. He is offering his three daughters to Satan, expecting something in return. He then accuses Hannah just as he had Natasha before.
Dennis “Ah! Satan. Rats deliver goddesses, so pay. Flesh saw a sin, mad, dastard, Hannah, raw as a widened dam.”
Devil places an orange scarf on Hannah, symbolizing confusion and madness.
Jesus Christ-“Hannah”
Hannah “I madam, I made fool a poor Dog.”
Hannah points to herself at the word “fool” and to Star at the word “Dog”. At these statements, Hannah stops worshipping Star and walks away, weeping and distraught. Deborah, Hannah’s mother, leaves the pews to comfort her. Id places a pink scarf on Deborah. Natasha is observing her mother and sister, feeling remorse. Star has also stopped her self absorption to take notice of the events.
Jesus Christ “ Natasha Dias”
Natasha “I”
Natasha moans as the narrator, Jesus says the word “moan” and points at Hannah.
Jesus Christ-“moan”
Natasha “ go deliver Eh? I saw thee mad!”
Natasha is mournful; crying as Emos puts a blue scarf on her. Star has become visibly upset by this point.
Jesus Christ-“Dennis Dias”
Dennis is speaking to Satan about his daughters.
Dennis “Sir, appalls Dog.”
Jesus Christ-“Stops”
Dennis “stops” for a moment then, upset by Star’s upset, he again curses Hannah. One Dragon places a green scarf on Dennis.
Dennis “Sleep repel! Eros eye saw Hannah.”
Eros puts a red scarf on Hannah and she is given drink. She becomes drunk and falls at Eva’s feet.
Jesus Christ “Said Hannah”
Hannah “Eva! Can I live on?”
Eva ignores her. Paris, Hannah’s boyfriend, leaves the pews to comfort her. Id places a pink scarf on him.
Satan speaks although not announced expressing pleasure at the situation.
Satan “Hannah, O’ No!  Ah!”
Jesus Christ “Satan”
Satan continues, encouraging evil and sin.
Satan “Live dirt up!”
Jesus Christ “Mom said”
Deborah confronts her husband, Dennis, blaming him for their daughter’s predicaments. Dogma places a gold scarf on her.
Deborah “Ha, Robed!”
Deborah begins to cry. Emos places a blue scarf on her. Norah, Deborah’s mother, leaves the pews to comfort her. Id places a pink scarf on elderly Norah.
Jesus Christ “God”
God speaks, to Natasha and Hannah, warning them that these things are not from him. Each reacts in fear and weeping. Everyone reacts by cringing. God points to Jesus, Reminding everyone that their sins are what Jesus died for. God warns that the Demons, such as Devil and One Dragon, and those things they worship, such as the Dog Star (AKA, of many names), do not have their interests in mind. The Demons cower at his words, as does Star. God asks the people to repent and warns them of the dangers of losing eternity spent close to God (the Garden). God speaks to the elders of the church, Norah, also known as “Red Rose” symbolic of her pious and close relationship to Jesus as the “Red Rose of Sharon”, and Naomi who consider themselves pillars of the church, warning them of the danger they are also in.
God- “Live not on evil, Madam Natasha, Madam Hannah Dias!
Murder Regal Red Rose of Sharon? I name no Devil-Dog as selfless.
A Devil! One Dragon! Pupils pull up! No Garden, O!
Norah, regal red rose, Y? Naomi?”
Jesus Christ “ Moan.”
God moans as Jesus states the word “Moan”, both showing great distress.
God “ ‘Y doom?”
The Rats are whispering in the ear of Ron while pointing at Dennis.  Ron moves towards Dennis but Sharon notices him. Rats also whisper in the ear of Eva, pointing at Natasha.
Jesus Christ-“Sharon Dias”
Sharon calls to her mother, Deborah, as Ron struggles to throw Dennis off the pedestal. She pleads with the demon Devil to help her father; no one is interested in helping. Sharon becomes confused in her excitement. Devil places an orange scarf on her.
Sharon-“Mom, Ei! Reverie! Live O’ Devil, never odd or even.
No, it is opposition. ‘Y a period won? Oh!
Who was it I saw, Oh Who? Ha!”
Jesus Christ-“Ron”
Dennis is thrown to the ground and Ron takes his place on the pedestal, hollering triumphantly as he replies to Sharon. Despite this, Sharon remains near the pedestal, being worshipped.
During this same time Eva struggles with Natasha but does not succeed.
Jesus Christ-“Eva”
Eva cries out in triumph for Ron’s success and continues to struggle with Natasha.
Eva-“Revolt lover!”
Jesus Christ-“Id”
The Rats are in fervor.
Id-“Rats gnash teeth!”
Natasha throws Eva to the ground and the struggle stops. Natasha remains on her pedestal.
Jesus Christ-“Sang Star-Di”
Star is still in madness, upset by all the commotion, and sings her words.
Star-“Do… Do Good’s deeds. Live on? Reviled did I live! God saw!
 I, deified, I was Dog. Evil I did deliver. No! Evil’s deeds do, O God! O! Did Rats gnash teeth?”
Star is visibly depressed; Emos places a blue scarf on her. She continues dramatically, after a pause…
Jesus Christ “Sang Star-Di”
Star “Revolt! Love! Rave I?”
Dennis is attempting to reclaim his position but is continually repelled by Ron. Norah, Dennis’s mother, becomes distraught and confused about what she should do as Ron is the son of her best friend Naomi. Devil places an orange scarf on her.
Jesus Christ “Norah”
Norah “Oh who was it I saw, Oh who? Now do I repay?
No, it is opposition. Never odd or even…Live? Do evil? Ei!!, reverie!”
Deborah speaks to Norah but she is inconsolable. Emos places a blue scarf on Norah.
Jesus Christ “Mom said”
Deborah “Norah’s moody.”
Jesus Christ “Naomi. (moan)”
Naomi moans when the word is spoken. She asks for and is given lager as Eros places a red scarf on her. She then rejoices, lifting the lager, for her son, Ron. Dennis ends his struggle with Ron.
Naomi “Yes, order lager! Ha! Ron.”
Jesus Christ “One Dragon”
One Dragon speaks to everyone, mocking what God has said and declaring Ron as a god, and as himself as he places a green scarf on Ron.
One Dragon “Pull up? Slip up! No Garden? O’, lived as selfless?
A god lived one man! I.”
The Rats all dance with lager and rum around Norah, tormenting her and offering her drink which she keeps refusing.
Jesus Christ “Norah’s foes order lager, red rum!
Said Hannah”
Hannah makes an appeal to Norah, her grandmother, warning her, then points to and denounces Satan and Star.
Hannah “Madam, Ah! Satan! Madam, live not on evil. Dog!”
Jesus Christ “Deborah Dias (mom)”
Deborah points at Natasha, blaming her. Dogma places a gold scarf on Deborah. Deborah encourages Hannah to go away to a cave that is far back on the stage.
Deborah “Putrid evil, Natasha!  O’ No! Hannah, No evil in a cave…”
In the cave is “spots”, like a cloth with Velcro spots to symbolize leprosy. Hannah goes into the cave and puts on this cloth. As Jesus speaks the next lines Hannah sits at the mouth of the cave “peeling spots” When Jesus states “Sllap” God makes a motion towards Hannah. Hannah is healed and drops the spotted scarf.
Jesus Christ “ Hannah Dias? Hannah was eye sore leper, (peels spots)
God, “SLLap!” Paris said”
Paris points to Hannah, accusing her of sinning, deserving of leprosy. One Dragon places a green scarf on Paris. Paris denies his own responsibility or sin. Id places a pink scarf on him. Paris points to Star in blame. Dogma places a gold scarf on him.
Paris “Sinned dame? Eh? ‘Twas I? Here, vile Dog!” 
Hannah rejoins the group, near Naomi and Ed. The Rats continue dancing around Norah who can not get away from them.
Jesus Christ-“Naomi said”
Naomi looks at her friend, Norah, and is sad. Emos places a blue scarf on her. As she speaks, she notices Satan and is afraid. Naomi turns to her husband Ed and then to Hannah, asking if she is mad.
Naomi “Ah!!! Satan! Go droop aloof. Ed, am I mad?
Am I, Hannah? Madden…”
Jesus Christ-“Ed”
Ed replies as Devil places an orange scarf on him. Ed exclaims war, symbolizing the war between good and evil.
Ed “I was… A war!”
Jesus Christ-“Hannah”
Hannah also replies, still confused. Looking at Norah and Naomi.
Hannah “Drat, sad… Damn!”
Jesus Christ “Isa”
Isa, wife of Asa, leaves the pews; Id places a pink scarf on her. She accuses Star and receives a gold scarf from Dogma.
Isa “Wash self, Ya, possessed Dog, reviled Star!”
Jesus Christ “Natasha Dias said”
Natasha remains enamored with Star, speaking to and idolizing her father, Dennis, encouraging him to regain his position of power.
Natasha “Drawn onward, to new era. Dad, yeh, So.”
Jesus Christ “Ida”
Natasha’s friend Ida, echoes the same sentiments speaking to Star.
Ida- “Adios A! Di, ‘Y doom, Did Royal panic and Id?”
Jesus Christ-“Dias”
Dennis, Sharon and Natasha all speak in agreement in the next line and continue in unison after Satan speaks.
Dennis, Sharon and Natasha- “Ah,”
Jesus Christ “Satan”
Satan points to Asa asleep in a chair off to the side of the stage, stating he is evil. Eros places a red scarf on Asa and Id places a pink scarf on him.
Satan “Evil is a name of Asa”
As Satan speaks, all the Rats except for one leave Norah. One Dragon places a green scarf on Norah. As the Rat One whispers in her ear, she also takes notice of Asa.
Jesus Christ “Dias”
Dennis, Sharon and Natasha-“Eh?, Evil!, a hat lover, tired nude.”
Maori, a friend of Isa, is drawn from the pews by Isa, receiving a pink scarf from Id.
Jesus Christ “Maori”
Maori points to Asa while she speaks, and receives a gold scarf from Dogma. She denies her own responsibility and is wowed by the idol worship of Star. She receives a black scarf from a Rat, and a silver scarf form Tenet.
Maori “Doom an evil! I? wow, Dog Star as a Devil, eh?”
A Rat also begins whispering in the ear of Dennis, pointing to Eva who is worshipping the Star. Dogma places a gold scarf on Norah. Norah “murders” Asa by throwing a black cloth over him.
Jesus Christ “ Norah Dias Sinned.  Deified Dogma”
Dogma is overjoyed and declares war between God and evil (all the Rats and Demons.)
Dogma “I lived as a god. War saw I. I saw! I said I did! Rats!”
Jesus Christ “Hannah”
Hannah continues speaking in remorse; she calls out to God, with a capital G, asking “Why”.
Hannah “Reviled, I finish sad. ‘Y “G” God?”
Jesus Christ “said”
She again denounces Satan with sarcasm.
Hannah “Ah!! Satan regal?!”
Jesus Christ “Emos”
Emos points to Eva, accusing her.
Emos “Eva, Sinned! lives Evil!”
Jesus Christ-“Tenet”
Tenet is reacting to Dennis approaching Eva from behind.
Tenet “Ah!”
Devil places an orange scarf on Dennis, symbolizing madness.
Jesus Christ-“Satan”
Satan is speaking to all the Demons and Rats, who react with fervor.
Satan “Trap all afoot, murder!”
Jesus Christ “Emos”
As Emos says Eva’s name, Dennis approaches Eva.
Emos “Eva!”
Jesus Christ “Eva”
Dennis “Murders” her, by throwing a black cloth over her as she is speaking and worshipping Star, in mid sentence.
Eva “Wow, Aloof Dog as a!”
Jesus Christ “Dennis”
Dennis takes notice of God and in a revelation, feeling remorse at what he has done, declares to the Rats that God sees.
Dennis “Put it up! Rats! God sees.”
Jesus Christ-“said”
Dennis cries out in fear and repentance.
Dennis “Ah!”
Jesus Christ-“Satan”
Satan rejoices over the events.
Satan- “Ha, top spot. Now I won, I did!  Dennis Dias sinned. Yes! Orders red rum, eh!”
Jesus Christ “ Norah’s foes order red rum! Dias”
All the Rats except for one begin dancing around Norah again, tormenting her with rum. Rat One is whispering in the ear of Dennis and pointing to Natasha and Sharon. Sharon and Natasha have remained in power while Dennis has not. They show fear of their father.
Jesus Christ “Dias”
Sharon and Natasha appeal to their father as he approaches them.
Sharon and Natasha-“Stop, Murder us not!”
Dennis “Murders” Sharon, tossing a black cloth over her but stops short of murdering Natasha when he hears God speak.
Jesus Christ-“God”
God-“I saw the redder murders.”
Jesus Christ-“Red Rose”
Norah cries out to God, asking why? Norah takes the rum and becomes drunk. Eros places a red scarf on her as she sings.
Norah-“Y? Rum, rum, rum, rum red now.”
Jesus Christ-“Royal”
Royal dances around Star then Norah, back to Star and then dances with Tenet singing.
Royal “ceremony Star! Rum, rum, rum, rum, Ya! War a foot. Dog! Tenet!”
Jesus Christ-“Dennis”
Dennis falls to his knees in confusion and remorse. He denounces his attempts at being worshipped as a god. He realizes that Star is pitiful. He points to others, that they have been robbed of their happiness by him and he himself is in misery.
Dennis “Lived Sir? A panic! and I am god, tenet? Sore Star lay, or?
Ha! robed some, as I… I moan.”
Jesus Christ-“Norah”
Norah calls out to God to save, realizing the consequences and the Rats scatter.
Norah “Save! No Garden, O!”
Jesus Christ-“Hannah”
Hannah is mournful.
Hannah “Dead, I, I roam.”
Jesus Christ-“Norah”
Norah points at Satan and at herself acknowledging evil and sin, and then to the Rats and everyone else, stating “Dias” as if inviting every one to acknowledge their own sin.
Norah “Satan! Sinned, A!”
Jesus Christ-“said”
Norah “Rats, Dias?”
At this point some return to the pews, I.E. those that expressed repentance by words or by actions such as Dennis, Hannah, Norah, Naomi…(artistic interpretation can decide who and how many.)
Jesus Christ “Natasha said”
Natasha, still on her pedestal cries out to the Star to save her.
As Jesus speaks Natasha, Star, Ron and everyone else not in the pews crumple to the ground and scurry/crawl into the darkness towards Satan. This includes the Rats, Demons and all those that have been murdered without repenting, Eva, Sharon, Asa, also move towards Satan with all their burdens in tow. The lights go out except for lights sweeping the pews as the characters sitting there throw off all of their scarves and the grey robes revealing white robes, or body suits at their words “God Save, Deliver!” hands up rejoicing.
Jesus Christ-“ SWEPT PEWS”
Everyone in pews  “GOD SAVE! DELIVER!”
As Time speaks the light shines only on one side of the stage, joyful, while the other is in darkness and misery.
Time’s eye “12, 02, 2021… 01, 02, 2010?  Noon… six a.m. max. Is time’s eye finish’ sin? If eyes emit is it, ek… over?”
This statement again represents an expression concerning the end of time and the end of sin. Note once again that the dates can be changed to reflect current times, 11, 02, 2011, … 02, 02, 2020 etc., while maintaining the palindrome, as time progresses beyond these dates. This action keeps with the artistic intent that no one knows when time will end while highlighting the possibility it could be soon.

A palindrome of 777 words performed virtually in 777 seconds

Many stories and constraint poetry in world come see it before it’s gone


The creative art, poetry, songs, film sets and carnival will be going away in April as I work on developing my next project. It will be back next January 2023, I may load my educators oar for awhile, I may work on my space themed gamification oar, Just a heads up as I have just had fun building a carnival if you haven’t seen it come soon!

Multiverse Masters derives its name from the fact that the world changes often. Currently it is dedicated to creativity, songs, poetry, music and art displays. It features the romantic season with holiday treats thrown in to carry us through March and April. It will likely change after the month is up. All my worlds that circulate through out the year feature many free items that can be copied. Usually you can find items I sell on Kitely Market place offered free in world. grid.kitely.com:8002:Multiverse Masters or check out the store, https://www.kitely.com/market?store=46870914
As always, if you see me online, reach out for support. If I can help I will.
Multiverse Masters, is an evolving adventure-based world for education. It is a family friendly g -rated Island and its goal is as an educators resource area filled with examples of uses and tutorial links at http://multiversemasters.blogspot.com
, http://WoPoLi.com
, and https://multiversemasters.wordpress.com
Explore as you will as I have no idea what ventures lie ahead.
I try to remember to make free items I find lying about able to be copied when permitted. If ever you see something that your concerned about please let me know. My goal is to support the opensource community by keeping resources free and shared. Many awesome and inexpensive resources I find on the Kitely market. While creating worlds appropriate and beneficial for general audiences in the virtual environment I am having fun. I will often work on multiple projects
Being a graduated student now I can have some fun. The world may change often and without warning. Please let me know if any of my prior builds or resources are needed by you. For now I am playing. See my support youtube videos here. https://www.youtube.com/user/saliecmt/videos?view=0…

The Original Metaverse and creative use examples.

3d creation using blender, adobe creative suite, sound files, scripting, in-world sculpting and imagination. Multiverse Masters, a virtual world on the Kitely grid has been around long before Facebook founder claimed to have coined the name Metaverse. Opensimulator has been the long standing Metaverse for open source and creative genius for years. These video’s are just some examples of the many uses in-world.

Virtual world literature

This is an example of virtual world literature. The world is saved and will be posted again but is currently not live. It is filled with interactive objects that read to you by the words coming up on screen. Most are not audio files. A few are, specifically for the folk songs. It is just one more way that literature can be explored.