About me

I offer extensive experience managing virtual teams in educational applications as a consultant and in the private sector, as well as in corporate applications. I have worked in the ever-emergent remote workforce for over ten years, as a web author, content creator and as a coach/mentor supporting remote workers in customer care fields. I have volunteered as an academic coach and mentor while earning my degrees at Empire State College via distance and currently serve as the President of the Graduate Student Collaborative, organizing online seminars and meetings. I have worked as an Operations Management Division Analyst (OMDA) for Sykes, a completely remote position. Prior to this position, I piloted several programs at Sykes, creating procedures and supports in these emerging programs as well as training employees, and creating training manuals and videos. Both my degrees in creative marketing and in media communications complements my ability to address the specific challenges that learning and teaching through technology interfaces creates. I worked as an educator, teaching art, music and computer for five years at a private school. I designed all the curriculum for these classes. My current studies in learning and teaching in emerging technologies have kept my knowledge of educational applications cutting edge.

I develop curriculum for my autistic daughter and have been working with educational design in virtual worlds. I develop open source curriculum that I provide access to on my blog and websites. I am a founding member of the think tank, the Institute for New Paradigms. One mission of this organization is to serve as consultants to organizations seeking to grow in rich, often technology mediated, forms of learning and communication. I routinely help organize and present at seminars on leadership, emerging technologies and education. I have organized college diversity discussions that bridged students across the state through technology conferencing. I also supported students during a pilot program of an immersive virtual residency conducted by Empire State College.

My education and work experience make me especially adept in working with teams and individuals through distance technology. I worked in the health and human services fields for ten years before switching career paths. These positions included intensive work with special populations of all ages and training in behavioral techniques and communications. My interpersonal communication skills enable me to deliver results in a person focused environment. By proactive analysis, I anticipate needs to provide information, resources and communications. I remain professional and respectful in high stress conflict situations with empathy and diplomacy to provide resolution. This is more challenging in a virtual environment than in one that is face to face. My passion for supporting and motivating people to be the best that they can be. This is what drives me.


SUNY Empire State College, New York, Master of Arts, Dec 2019

Learning in Emerging Technologies

SUNY Empire State College, New York, Dec 2019

Certificate Teaching in Emerging Technologies

SUNY Empire State College, New York, Bachelor of Arts Degree

Interdisciplinary Studies: Creative Marketing and Media Communications, June 2015

SUNY Empire State College Associate’s Degree

Interdisciplinary Studies: Creative Marketing. June 2011


Down East Horizons

Sign Language Certification, 2003

Care and Comfort

Behavioral Specialist, 2003

Community Health and Human services

Certified Medications Technician, 2002

Residential Councilor, 2001

United Technologies Center

Activities Coordinator, 1998

Mount Desert Island Adult Education

Certified Nursing Assistant, 1995

Presentations (Oral and Poster):

OSCC Challenging Goliath, Bringing Virtual Reality into Higher Education………October 2018


CUNY Games Conference 4.0,  January 2018


SUNY Student Wellness Retreat, April 2018


SUNY poster contest presenter, April 2010

SUNY Undergraduates Shaping New York’s Future: A Showcase of Scholarly Posters


Grants Received:

Otter Creek Park and Playground Construction Fund Town of Mount Desert, 1996

Grant awarded for 10,000 dollars to construct a village recreational area

Acadia Christian School art program Garelic Farms, 2014

500 dollar grant from for the purchase of supplies


Institutional Service:

SUNY Graduate Student Collaborative President, 2017-Current


Institute for New Paradigms founding member, 2018-Current


Empire State College tutor, 2010-2012

Telephonic conferences and written communication for distance learners

Created online learning videos

Conducted virtual learning screen share activities

Empire State College CDL Connection student reporter, 2010-2012

Conducted interviews and submitted articles for publication

Community Involvement:

4H V.O.L.T. trained leader, 1996-2011

Co-led 4h groups

Supervised at major 4H event including overnight and extended conferences

Created a pilot initiative for a virtual 4H group

Summer Camp counselor, 2005-2007

Developed and implemented camp activities for photography classes

Supervised and engaged a cabin of 6 girls in daily activities and overnight

Otter Creek Park and Play Ground Project Coordinator,  1997-2002

Responsible for designing a park and a playground

Project coordination and managing construction

Fund raising for 15,000 separate from town grant

Otter Creek Aide Society Director, 1996-2002

Village improvement society serving 1000 plus people

Responsible for running annual village events and holiday celebrations

Management of village owned properties

Town of Mount Desert, 1995-1997

Traffic Safety Committee

Relevant Experience:


Virtual Reality platforms / Zoom conferencing / Adobe conferencing/ Microsoft Office

OSX software/ Linux open source software/ Windows software/ Adobe Creative Suites

RTM / RTA/WFO/ EWFM /Kronos / Aspect /Avaya /Spark / Skype/Messenger/ Social media platforms and other web based tools.

Content Creation

Home school Instructor all grade levels, 1997-2009 / 2014-2019

Researched, designed and implemented custom curriculum

Alpine Access/Sykes serving high profile clients with a virtual workforce, 2012-2019

Corporate Operation Management Division- America

Productivity team and Technology team

Program support, coaching, training, and supervision

Sales, customer service and support

Acadia Christian School: Art, Music, and Computer Science teacher all grade levels, 2009-2014

Supported the program through solicited donations and supplies

Researched, designed and implemented custom curriculum

Wrote and designed curriculum and Art book

Web Content Writer and Photographer for acadianationalpark.com, 2010

Travel and leisure article and photography

Acadian Otter Corporate Manager, 2003-2010

Oversaw marketing and operations of rental and land management

Down East Horizons, Residential Specialist and Job Coach, 2002-2003

In home care and training of combative adults with physical and mental disabilities

Sign language communication

Facility care, job training and coaching for developmentally challenged adults

Care and Comfort Behavioral Specialist 1, 2002-2003

Home based intervention of emotionally challenged children

C.H.C.S. Residential Councilor and In-service trainer, 1999-2002

Supervision and life counseling of 6 teenage high risk youth

Bar Harbor Times, Otter Creek Correspondent, 1994-1999

Weekly village news article/editorial

Sonogee Rehabilitation and Living Center, Activities Director and In-service trainer, 1997-2000

Management of 36 patients afflicted by Dementia and staff training


learning sites










Create Magic in your Classroom – MetaverseApp – Medium



Ethics Statement

Wopoli.com is a public website. For the sake of transparency please be aware that all comments, once accepted are also made public. This site may be viewed by children. All posts will be monitored and content that is not family-friendly will be blocked. No personal information is collected by myself or shared with others unless you or a child of yours is a student I am working with. Please be aware if you choose to sign into WordPress as a registered member, they have their own policies and it is your responsibility to research these policies. Viewing the site does not require a WordPress subscription.

Wopoli.com has been designed as a learning resource environment. When I make available research-based methodology, proper citations will be included. It is my goal to adhere to copyright and attribute material to the original authors. Please respect copyright and attribute any resources you post to the author as well.

I have been teaching for over twenty years as a parent and for private institutions. I am not currently certified in any state as a teacher. I have an associate degree in Creative Marketing and a bachelor’s degree in Media Communications. Many posts were created to fulfill educational requirements for my master’s degree in Learning in Emerging Technologies, and my certificate for Teaching in Emerging Technologies through Empire State College, part of the SUNY network. Much of my work is also based on personal experience and exploration and serves as examples to guide others.

Wopoli.com is an access point for my student(s) and is made public to specifically provide examples and resources for other parents and educators. Wopoli.com has curriculum examples that have self-guided as well as guided activities. The lessons are intended to be adaptable or serve as examples and may not be appropriate for all ages or students. This environment maps out expectations in the formulation of achievable goals and motivational rewards through participation in virtual environments.

It is my goal when using technology as a teaching and learning tool to help students and educators understand how emerging technologies can enrich the learning experience for younger students and help achieve future student success in the real world of higher education, employment, or life goals. It is also essential to educate on the risks and best practices for online safety by exploring and sharing resources. It is also important to educate other adults within my network to the process involved as well as the reasoning behind the methodologies that I am incorporating on this site and companion sites. Please use the resources provided as well as your own inquiries to educate yourself concerning the benefits and risks involved with new technologies, especially when working with children.

Examples of companion sites and resources are included in the site such as YouTube, virtual world viewers, other blog sites and other educational websites. My use and recommendations of these sites are based upon my own research, experience and opinion. Please independently research these sites, their privacy policies and security practices before using them with your students.

My mission statement


Throughout my varied careers and experiences is a thread of commonality, the desire to see others achieve their goals. This desire has manifested itself in my pursuit of leadership and teaching opportunities in my careers, personal pursuits, and in volunteer work. Removing barriers such as the limits poverty and distance have on individuals is a focus of mine as these are personal barriers I have faced. Technology and distance learning as well as virtual employment have been beneficial in this. I myself have achieved my education only do to the availability of distance education. In addition, my virtual employment has overcome the barrier of limited local resources in employment.

Through self-reflection and analysis of my experiences key words that express my personal goals, how I wish to impact others are: to uplift and inspire, broaden horizons, deepen understanding, enlighten, strengthen and support, inform, increase awareness, protect human dignity, share beauty and joy, challenge people to think – to examine their beliefs and the effect these have on themselves and others, and to minister on a spiritual level of truth. This is likely why my future goals fall into a desire to teach and to express myself in creative fields through technology.

Testimonial: Our God who can move mountains…

God has brought to mind a specific memory, repeatedly, that he calls to be shared.  It is the day that Jesus gave me a hug. It started weeks before the actual event…. In a time when euthanasia was being pushed in the medical field and legal arena in our country, I went to a seminar, back when I specialized with the elderly and those impacted by Alzheimer disease. In this seminar the speakers were pro ending the life of elderly patients in nursing homes. The social worker from our site also joined me and sat with me in the audience. She casually glanced over as I wrote notes and thoughts on the conversation. At the end of the presentation I stood up and countered with the risks and ethical implications, not religion based, very respectful. I was proud to have offered the counter aspect. It wasn’t easy and was not received well however I thought it to be my ethical responsibility to offer another perspective on a one sided seminar discussion. The next day at work I was called into the social workers office. I was reprimanded for speaking publicly at the conference in opposition to euthanasia. I was told I was “suffering from belief system syndrome” as if I had a mental illness. The social worker convinced the administration I needed additional exposure to alternative beliefs and I was required to attend an 8 hour seminar on spirituality in the health care field. Out of all the presenters that day only one was “christian” but it focused on the power of prayer as the power positivity and belief has on healing, not the power of God to heal. The others were about other religions, meditations, and controversial beliefs and practices. Driving home that day I felt I had just left a war zone and would be expected to report back “what i had learned” All the way home I spoke with God, my faith had not been shaken, I knew what i believed, I understood and accepted others have different views, but it was still upsetting realizing that I was expected not to have an open discussion and to condone all beliefs and practices, even euthanasia, in the least by simply remaining silent and that my own professional concerns and personal ethical beliefs were not respected. This was something I did not feel I should be asked to do ethically. Morality is a much deeper level, however even on the surface of professional ethics I felt this was not appropriate. As I neared my village I was no longer talking to God I was yelling. Tears streaming down my face. (I really should not have been driving at this point.) I wasn’t yelling at God. I was not angry at God. I was just hurt and wanted God to take the pain away. He spoke in soft thoughts in my mind and I snapped back. That wasn’t good enough. I needed more. I could envision Jesus in my mind sitting in the car with me. I knew God was with me and listening and I felt his love but I yelled back still…. No! I need more. I don’t want thoughts in my mind to sooth me, I do not want visions in my mind to comfort… I want a hug. I said to Jesus directly, you are God and nothing is impossible for you. I know it is not reasonable for me to expect you to appear in the flesh and give me a hug but that is what I need. I need a hug NOW. My God who can move mountains and bring nations to their knees. My God who loves me as a daughter, I needed a hug from my father. It didn’t matter how ridiculous my request sounded. I was like an inconsolable child. I was hurt. At this point I was driving into my home village. The village was empty on a Tuesday evening with everyone at supper. Then I saw them at the little church that was only occupied a few hours a week on Sunday morning and occasionally on a Wednesday evening. There was no reason for them to be there, on the sidewalk with their car doors open, about to get in and drive away, at the exact moment as I approached…. If the car had been there without seeing them, I would not have stopped, and a moment later they would have been on their way home, far outside of the village…. but there they were, on the sidewalk. I pulled over to the side of the road and literally jumped out of my car, I didn’t even have time to think about it. It was automatic. I think, by the looks on their faces I scared the dickens out of them with tears on my cheeks and stuttering as I approached them. I don’t even remember what I said but I told them I was there for hug and I got one. They offered to speak with me, they hadn’t even eaten supper yet, I tried to decline but they insisted. They had only stopped by the church on chance, a last minute thought as they were driving home, past the village church for some quick cleaning… I don’t even remember what we talked about. What I do remember is that I asked God for a miracle of a Hug that day. That is all I wanted but everything I needed and God moved a mountain just for me…..

Words of wisdom from a virtual student and a virtual employee.

For those who do not know me I have been isolated by poverty and distance since childhood. Technology has freed me from those bounds. I have been a virtual student since 2001 and have been a virtual employee for almost as long. I am forever surprised at the fear of technology that exists in our schools and in our professions. I worked for five years as a teacher and was daily faced with having to defend technology and argue its value and importance. Even as a Masters student I am still shocked at how slow educators and professionals are to accept technology due to misconceptions and fear. So here are my thoughts on the benefit of hybrid meetings using technology to facilitate networking and engagement.

While students and employees continue to benefit from face to face networking in a function room, new technologies are increasingly advancing with the ability to draw in participants who would otherwise be isolated. New technologies, not subject to physical boundaries are becoming increasingly more accessible.

This can be accomplished through personal mobile devices or virtual meeting environments, technology is the key to expanding outreach and the way content is communicated, both in conjunction with and separate from face to face communication. Not only are people who are limited by distance or other boundaries drawn into the discussion where they would otherwise be excluded, but those within the physical environment have access to a more engaged degree of interaction.

Overcoming fear of new technologies as taboo has always been a challenge. From the onset of telephonic conferences, rejected as impersonal, to video conferences rejected as intrusive, the taboo of having any electronic device in a classroom or meeting, all these taboos have been overcome and can now be looked back upon as the fear of change that slowed networking progress. 3D environments is the current taboo that professionals face in all fields that require networking and collaboration.

Mobile technology and social media are the current most active trends. 3D environments are quickly catching on, from virtual worlds to the development of walk in 3D web pages. The use of 3D environments are proving to increase engagement with the ability to learn and collaborate in meeting spaces. It is becoming common place to see layered meetings, even with face to face interaction, combined with distance communication and participants, live streaming, recording, gamification within the presentations, and multiple levels of interaction with links, slide shows, and even independent exploration of all of these options inside virtual environments.

Virtual meeting technology is efficient and cost effective. It eliminates travel, saves time, reduces expenditures, and increases convenience for the participant. It is also more environmentally friendly and quickly being adopted in the business fields, even as an alternative to the brick and mortar work space for all of the reasons mentioned above.

Companies have virtual employees using adobe rooms, Skype, Zoom, messenger, virtual networks and remote desktops because it is cost effective and convenient on a global scale. Colleges are needing to help students embrace virtual technology not only as a social and educational venue, but in career preparation in order to encourage future success.

Hybrid or blended meetings are the bridge for those still uncertain when it comes to improvements that require open mindedness towards newer technologies. Hybrid meetings have real time face to face components as well as virtual components, such as live streaming a conference or meeting with a group to experience a 3D immersive tour and discussion. Back channel conversations on social media, twitter, Facebook, or even meeting platforms such as Zoom, can work in conjunction with live events or live virtual immersive events.

Virtual meetings and immersive environments will never replace face to face interaction but they can greatly enhance them. We are social beings and physical proximity will always be a major aspect of networking and engagement. Emerging technologies merely enhance the experience and remove the boundaries that prevent many from participating. Those individuals who would otherwise feel isolated due to financial, physical, distance or other challenges, through blended environments are able to contribute and collaborate. The exploration of these interactive and immersive formats challenge us to become more relevant and more engaging. What a great opportunity to continue developing relationships that may start at a college or business event and be able to be nurtured and continued through the use of virtual and immersive technology.

Who do you see

Who do you see when you look at me?
Do you see who I am and who I hope to be?
Who do you see when you look at me?
that you would condemn or hope to admire?
If you’re looking high, look lower.
If you’re looking low, look higher.
I am a child of anger...


Who do you see when you look at me?
Do you see who I am and who I hope to be?
Who do you see when you look at me?
that you would condemn or hope to admire?
If you’re looking high, look lower.
If you’re looking low, look higher.
I am a child of anger with a ones of her own,
A loving mother whose children adore.
Do you see a harlot, a disgrace to her home,
a devoted wife who could not be more?
Is that what you see when you look at me?
That you would condemn or you would admire?
If your looking high, look lower.
If your looking low, look higher.
Lazy in deed, even at play,
A loyal worker doing her best,
ashamed and alone, forgetting to pray,
A faithful Christian never at rest?
Whomever you see when you look at me,
do not condemn or hope to admire.
For all of who I am, it is all of me,
If you’re looking high, look lower.
If you’re looking low, look higher.


Piem love letter

Piem love letter 2016

I love you.


That’s who loves you.

Do you love me too?

Why do I even ask, I know you do.

Tell me.

That’s what I want from you.

Tell me, “I love you,”

“I love you.”

Don’t say, “I love you too.”



(A Piem poem uses sylables that align with Pie 3.14….)