I love someone that is Neurotypical

I love someone neurotypical, it's true,They possess strengths that we may lack,Sometimes they stumble, unaware,Let's explore perspectives, understand their view,though their lives may seem off track.caught in social norms that cause despair. Neurotypicals may think illogically each day,They lack strengths we hold dear,Logic eludes them, oh, what a fuss,unable to seek order or consistency they … Continue reading I love someone that is Neurotypical

News poetry (homeless illegal immigrants VS American veterans and families)

America, once revered, where dreams took flight, where stars and stripes waved with resplendent might, A tale now unfolds, it is a somber sight, Of homeless veterans, cast out into the night. In upstate New York, a bitter blow, Where heroes find no solace, no place to go, For hotels they sought, a temporary stay, … Continue reading News poetry (homeless illegal immigrants VS American veterans and families)

Autism Awareness

Traditional, established, so ingrained in our minds,May not work for all, and can leave us behind.Traditional relations, a well-trodden path,For the autistic mind, it can often cause wrath.Conventional rules, may not fit our needs,The conflict it causes can sow harmful seeds.For autistic people, it can increase our stress,And cause harm, leaving us feeling distressed.The usual … Continue reading Autism Awareness

The Poet and the Mathematician – a constrained love story. Work in Progress

"I Love Math" Ema Tici, an Euclidean educator said. The ultimate equation The sketch found at the bottom of Limmit's math quiz The response from Dr. Figger The expression 0 times infinity is an indeterminate form in mathematics, and its value cannot be determined by algebraic manipulation alone. It is not a well-defined mathematical expression, … Continue reading The Poet and the Mathematician – a constrained love story. Work in Progress

I love the Rainbow. Constraint Poetry by Salie Davis

It’s just a rainbow.A symbol of beauty, not to misconstrue,Refraction and reflection, a spectacle divine,let it shine anew,a symbol of unity,in colors so true,A gift from the heavens, a sight so sublime.Hues of violet, red, orange, yellow, green, and blueI love the rainbow. It’s just a rainbow.A display of spectrum's colors, a dazzling delight,It's a … Continue reading I love the Rainbow. Constraint Poetry by Salie Davis

News Poetry: Evil does not sleep

Always be watchful, Evil does not sleep, Maine people's voices, in the largest hearing, heard, Twenty-three hours of testimony, truth stirred. Rushed in darkness, without a thorough review, A disrespect to process, to the people, me and you. Amidst whispered debates, a tempest born. Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, Denied their voice, denied their query. … Continue reading News Poetry: Evil does not sleep

Delightful Embrace

May You Embrace the delight,With your presence, shining bright.In dreams, memories take flight,Stay true, Grace me tonight,dance within the cosmic height,Hand in hand, our spirits ignite.Okay to showcase key insight,Unveiling truths, with all your might,For what we believe, with hearts alight.Display through disgrace, we fight,Defying darkness with our might,For in unity, we find our light.Sway, … Continue reading Delightful Embrace

Villaine poem: Call to Respond

Silence lingers, the echo of time, the clock on the wall.Fear grips the hearts of many, a bittersweet memory,A voice lingers, an echo responding to the call. ----------------------------------------------------------- Souls hide, trembling voices hushed in shadows, small.Stand firm in open conversations, defy threats of infamySilence lingers, the echo of time, the clock on the wall. ---------------------------------------------------------- … Continue reading Villaine poem: Call to Respond

Spring, an acrostic poem From “The Book” (work in progress)

Sisters laughing, Playing together, Ring around the roses, In the Nearing of summer, Gladiolus growing in the field. -Sarah age 11 This poem captures a cheerful and playful atmosphere that is often associated with spring. The image of sisters laughing and playing together evokes a sense of joy and togetherness. The reference to "Ring around … Continue reading Spring, an acrostic poem From “The Book” (work in progress)

American Alliterations Continued

Hawaii, Heavenly Hibiscus, Hula hips Hypnotize Horizon hues harmonize, hidden hearts hazy Haiku, Hibachi, Honolulu hustle Idaho, Iconic, Idyllic, Infinite, Immersed Idahoans, inclusive ideals, inspirational Indigenous, Interesting, intriguing, Incomparable Illinois, Innovative Industries inviting, Industrious, illuminated in incandescent ice Inclusive ingenuity Intertwines, Iridescent Imagination. Indiana, indispensable, ingenious, indivisible Intrepid, Inspiring, Indy 500, Invigorating, Illuminated Indianapolis indelible. … Continue reading American Alliterations Continued