Baby Girl

Baby girl, Baby Girl,
you’ll always be my baby, my world.
No matter how you grow,
from seed to flower, know…I love you.

My heart skips a beat
as you stand on two feet.
when you stumble it aches,
and when you fall it breaks… I love you.

So baby girl, always remember,
That, in your heart, you’ll find the ember,
And when you’re feeling lost and alone,
I’ll be your shelter, your forever home… I love you

Oh baby girl, my darling dear,
From the moment you arrived here,
My love for you has only grown,
And in my heart is deeply sewn… my love for you.

You were once a tiny seed,
But now you’ve blossomed indeed,
Into a beautiful flower so fair,
With grace and elegance beyond compare… I love you.

Though you may stumble and sometimes fall,
My love for you will never stall,
My heart beats for you each and every day,
And forever in my heart, you’ll stay… I love you.

So baby girl, my precious one,
Know that you’re my shining sun,
And no matter how you grow,
My love for you will always flow… I love you.

And when the winds of change have blown,
And you must face the world’s unknown,
Know that my love will be your guide,
And with you every step beside… my love for you.

For you, my sweet and lovely child,
born into this world, wild,
I’ll go to the ends of the earth,
to help you discover your worth… I love you

So baby girl, please never doubt,
That even when I’m not about,
My love for you will never fade,
And in my heart, it will always be made… I love you.

You’ll always be my precious one,
My little girl, my shining sun,
No matter where life takes you,
Know that my love will always renew… I love you.

My angel, my inspiration, my joy, and pride,
with each passing day, I am by your side,
From seed to flower, and beyond,
You’ll always be my baby, my world, my bond… my love for you.


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