Hello Dear Friend

Hello, dear friend, how good it is

To hear your voice, to feel your bliss

I’ve been away for quite some time

But now I’m back, from shabby to shine.

Hello, dear friend, how sweet to hear

Your voice brings my heart so near

I’ve been away, away too long

But now I’m back, where I belong

Fear and pride drove me away

And caused my heart to go astray

But you, my friend, you never left

You followed me, despite my theft

Of precious time, of moments lost

But now I see, at what great cost

I pushed you aside, yet you remained

Patiently waiting, never complained

My fears and pride, they drove me out

To hide away, to scream and shout

But even in my darkest hour

You stayed with me, my friend, my power

I missed you, friend, oh how I did

But now I see, that though I hid

You followed me through all my pain

To wait for me, to say your name

Now I see, you were always there

Inside of me, with tender care.

You never left, and you never will

My dear friend with love so real.

So now I see, you’re always there

With arms wide open, full of care

I welcome you, to the very end

and say, “Thank you, Jesus, my friend.”

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