Savior no more: 2004

I talk with a voice mute.

I speak to a deaf ear.

See me with your eyes

the movements of my hand.

I reach out by reaching in.

I hold on by letting go.

See me with your mind.

Try to understand. I am so afraid.

I can not communicate.

Verbiage will not form upon my tongue,

nor a simple word articulate.

My mind, a clutter of noise.

A stuttering annoyance

to those lacking patience.

I am a ship without buoyancy

in a sea of chance. Sinking hysteria!

Stay away, I’ll pull you under!

I wanted to be a lifeguard in my youth,

to sail this silent sea,

to seek the flailing hands of those

that could not utter a scream.

I could see it in their eyes

the waves of emotion crashing over them,

their voices mute, reaching in.

I held on as they let go,

trying to understand,

swimming with them to shore.

Now who will help the helper?

Who will save the savior no more?


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