Family Recipe

Come closer, dear one, and lend me your ear

For a tale of family and love, I hold dear

A recipe passed down from generation to generation

A tradition that binds us with unbreakable relation

With Mommy, Daddy, and Baby, a family of three

Together they make memories that will forever be

A trip to see Grammy, a stop at the store

A simple errand turned into so much more

One cup of flour, two eggs, and some butter

Baking powder, and cookie cutters, all gathered in a flutter

A jug of milk, bars of chocolate, a bottle of vanilla

Oven mitts and sugar, all come together to thrill ya

Back at Grammy’s house, a recipe book they’ll seek

And there they’ll find a delicious treat to tweak

Butter and chocolate melting, with vanilla to savor

Flour, sugar, and baking powder mixed with a sweet flavor

Stirring together, adding milk and eggs with care

The aroma of the batter fills the air

Preheating the oven, the pan greased and ready

In go the cookies, for thirty minutes they’ll be steady

A family of four now gathered around the table

A treat to enjoy, a memory that’s stable

This recipe is a family tradition that’s been passed down

A story of love and unity, forever to astound.


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