Beyond Death

In the stillness of the void,

where time and space have no hold,

you may find a glimmer of light,

a spark of hope, beyond the night.

In God, there is a glimmer of hope,

A light that shines to help us cope.

Even in death, there is a way,

to find a path to a new day.

Though lost and blind, you’ll hear a voice,

Whispering secrets, offering a choice,

To rise above the fear and strife,

and find the way to a new life.

Though lost and blind, and deaf and mute,

there is a voice within that will refute,

the notion that death is the end,

your spirit will forever ascend.

Time and space, they hold no sway,

As we journey through the dark and gray,

Through Jesus, there is a way,

follow the path to a brand new day.

Journey through the dark and pain,

to find yourself whole again.

So take heart, dear soul, and believe,

death is not the end, but a reprieve,

Take heart, dear soul, and believe,

that in death, you will not grieve,

a new beginning awaits,

a fresh start beyond the gates.

Through the darkness, through the pain,

We will find ourselves whole again,

Lost and blind, and deaf and mute,

Our spirit will forever refute.

Death is not the end, you see,

It’s just the start of a journey free,

A new beginning that awaits,

Beyond the gates, beyond the fates.

So take heart, dear soul, and know,

That in death, you’ll continue to grow,

And though your body may depart,

Your spirit will forever in God be part.

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