We dance, we sing, May Day, May Day
A time for celebration, A time for play,
The world is reborn, the sun is bright,
And all the earth is filled with light.

Around the May Day pole, we dance,
In ribbons of colour we laugh and prance,
We weave and wind with joyous cheer,
Welcoming the warmth of the year.

Maypole, Maypole, oh so tall,
A symbol of life, once enjoyed by all,
The ribbons streaming, bright and gay,
A dance to welcome the first of May.

May Day, May Day, we all sing,
A time to welcome in the spring,
To cast off winter, cold and grey,
We welcome in the month of May.

So let us dance around the pole,
And celebrate the new life we know,
May the joy of spring be with us all,
As we welcome the season in full.

Mayday, mayday, the call goes out,
The water’s rising, there’s no doubt,
Our ship is sinking, we’re in distress,
We need help, we must confess.

The waves are crashing all around,
Our boat is being tossed and bound,
We’re struggling hard to stay afloat,
As the water fills our little boat.

Mayday, mayday, we shout once more,
As we pray for help to reach our shore,
Our hearts are heavy, our souls afraid,
As we wonder if we’ll make the grade.

We hold on tight and wait for aid,
Hoping someone hears our plea relayed,
The water’s rising, our time is short,
Our fate is hanging in the report.

Mayday, mayday, the rescue’s near,
Our hearts are lifted, there’s no more fear,
Our boat is saved, we’re all alive,
Thanks to those who heard our cries.


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