Unicorn age 11

Misty white unicorn, so wild and free

ride over the mountains and over the sea.

magical unicorn from legends of old

My wild young unicorn, I love you so.

With a horn so pure and bright,

And a mane that gleams with light,

You gallop across the land,

With a grace that is truly grand.

Your beauty is beyond compare,

As you dance upon the air,

Your spirit is so strong and true,

Fills my heart with love for you.

Misty white unicorn, a wonder to behold,

you soft flowing mane, and horn of gold.

May your adventures never cease,

And your heart always finds peace.

Ride on, my unicorn, with pride,

Through the mountains and the tides,

For in my heart, you’ll always be,

My magical unicorn, forever free.


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