A chance meeting

As we part ways, memories dissolve, fading fast,

Yet the promise of a future, in our hearts, steadfast.

Leaving behind the echoes of our shared past,

Embracing the unknown, as possibilities amass.

As we walk away from each other,

the memories of our past fade away.

The possibilities of a new future,

now take hold of our hearts to stay.

As we embark on this uncharted quest, anew,

Our hearts emboldened, our devotion true.

For fate has woven our threads, in a grand design,

And with love as our compass, we’ll weather every line.

We leave behind what once was,

and embrace what may come to be.

For fate has brought us together,

and now it’s up to you and me.

So, let us savor this encounter unforeseen,

A catalyst for dreams, where love reigns supreme.

For fate, the master orchestrator, brought us near,

And with love as our anchor, we shall persevere.

With each step we take forward,

we leave behind the doubts and fears.

We move towards a brighter tomorrow,

with hope and love to wipe away the tears.

What once was, lingers in the fading light,

Yet the allure of what lies ahead shines so bright.

Fate, the architect, entwined our paths this day,

Now, it’s up to us, to carve our destined way.

So let us cherish this unexpected meeting,

and let it be the start of something new.

For fate has brought us together,

and our love will see us through.

With every stride, doubts and fears relinquish hold,

We march towards a horizon, adorned with stories untold.

A tapestry of tomorrows, adorned with hope’s embrace,

Love’s tender touch, erasing sorrow’s trace.

Let us treasure this serendipitous encounter,

For fate’s mysterious hand, intertwined our souls,

A prelude to a new chapter, a tale we’ll dare.

Guiding us through uncertainties, as love enfolds.


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