House of mirrors

Mirrors, mirrors all around,

Reflecting back what we have found.

Some show beauty, some show flaws,

An image of ourselves, as we pause.

Mirrors, mirrors all around,

Distorted images that can confound.

Some are clear, some are not,

Glimpses of ourselves that we have sought.

They can distort and make us doubt,

A reflection of what we’re about.

But in their depths, we can see,

The truth of who we’re meant to be.

For some, the mirrors multiply,

Reflecting back. What we cannot deny,

the souls of others, a reflection of our own,

A mirrored world where we are not alone.

And as we gaze into their eyes,

We see the world through a new guise.

Mirrored souls, reflecting bright,

A guiding force, a source of light.

It can be strange, even fearful to see,

So many mirrors of who we strive to be.

But they are there, guiding us along,

Helping us to see where we belong.

Embrace the mirrors, let them show,

The beauty that’s inside, let it glow.

For in their depths, we can find,

Our true selves, a piece, or peace of mind.

Embrace the mirrors, strange and true,

They are a part of life, guiding me, and you.

Though they may distort, they may deceive,

They show us what we can achieve.

Let them multiply, let them shine,

A reflection of a life divine.

For in their depths, we can see,

Our inner selves, raw, naked, wild, free.


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