Terza rima (My computer is swearing at me)

In the digital symphony of my days,

Ding Dong shows its rhythmic face,

Beepity bleep and Twang join the craze,

A chorus of sounds fills up space.

Skype and Adobe Rooms, they come alive,

Every electronic network finds a place

Zoom takes center stage, connections thrive,

Notification pop-ups, like music cued,

Waiting for my digital awareness to arrive.

Work’s discordant melody, can’t be refused.

Low dings for Teams, a solemn tone,

Yet I can’t help feeling abused,

High chimes for Ring, a lively drone,

Email beeps, like staccato beats,

They can even buzz like a phone

My computer transforms a musical feat.

Ring app, Teams, digital rooms galore,

In which room did that sound tell me to meet?

Please stop the music I implore!

Work, school, and personal realms collide,

TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and more,

My computer, a maestro, guides the ride.

amidst this symphony of digital sound,

I cannot escape, I cannot hide!

I feel my sanity slowly unwound,

the clamor causes me to pause and ponder

In this digital realm in which I’m bound

Is my computer swearing, I wonder?

Each bleep and beep, a hidden code,

Is it lost for words, a stuttering blunder?

A language of work, a demanding ode,

Beepity, bleep, Twang sounds like a fight.

To find a peaceful respite, a silent abode

from this realm of digital sound day and night,

Where Ding Dong’s chime seems to be mocking me,

I wonder if, it all went away, would we be alright?

I find myself lost in a dystopian symphony.

Where all these “crucial” messages come alive,

Each one seems to multiply, won’t let me be!

Competing notifications, each one tries to strive,

to capture my attention, hold it for a time, oh so sly,

So many notifications, I suspect they’re trying to drive

me insane, as I sit, weary eyes on the screen, a sigh.

Beepity bleep, it goes again, and again, and again.

At least working virtually no one has to see me cry

This virtual nudge, each message, a virtual pen,

It whispers softly, then louder, “Look at me!”

A moment of silence, a brief pause, and then,

Blip! “I’m here to distract, Hey! Can’t you see?”

Twang and Ding Dong, they too join the fray,

A power outage could set me free, if not for the battery.

With pings and pops, they have their say,

My electronic device, a chorus of sound,

digital monotony night and day,

With each notification, I’m tightly wound.

amidst this din as my computer clamors,

as the beeps and twangs, and the dings resound,

I sense a hint of irony, as my device stammers,

I swear it swears and is its’ own censor.

Nothing that can’t be fixed with magnets or hammers

I wonder can this device get much denser

as a bleeped expletive, it holds back,

I wonder if my neck could get more tensor

This digital dance won’t leave my senses intact,

The pop-ups and pings, out of tune with no rhyme,

It sounds like an animal that is going to attack

I ponder if my sanity, I’ll ever find,

amidst the Bleeps and Ding Dong tune,

In this digital world, all are entwined,

My mind cluttered, distractions loom.

But beneath it all, a silent plea,

Shall I run screaming, from this room?

To find a moment of reprieve, to be free.

to let Beepity bleep and Twang subside,

Stop swearing at me, let me be!

Let Blip fade into the distance wide,

let Bip and Bop and Boop retire,

Let Pings and Pops retreat, and hide,

It does nothing to encourage or inspire

I disconnect, break free from chaos,

I reclaim control, I unplug the wire


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