Easter constraint

A poet CAN write like a mathematician! Even Lewis Carroll, Author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was a poet and mathematician.
His poem concerning the mouse’s tail and shaped like a tail, is called a concrete poem and is within a category of poetry called visual poetry. Visual poetry is concerned with shapes such as triangles or squares, and is constrained by line length and pace of the poem. An example of this is the poem, an Easter Gift I wrote when I was 15 for my Mother.

The Easter gift:

This time
of year has come
again in early spring
when life is new to look
upon all you have given me
and to tell how much that
I love you. I do not have
a basket of colorful eggs.
I am not a soft white Easter bunny.
I can never give you what you have given me.
All the billionaires in the world don’t have
enough money. The most precious gift that I
Can give is something of myself
to show I care. So I give you
these memories in expression
of my love, something
we shall always share.

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