777 a palindrome


A Palindrome in 777 words-


BY Salie Davis

Revoke, ‘tis I, time’s eye.  Finish sin if eyes emit… six a.m.  … Max is noon… 12, 02, 2021… 03, 02,2030?



Dias: “Ah!!”

Satan said: “Star-Di, Asa, Dennis, Natasha, Ron, Maori, Ida, Ed, Hannah,

One Dragon, Eva, Sharon, Naomi, Isa, Emos, Deborah, Royal, Rats, Eros,

Tenet, Dogma, Id, Nacina, Paris, Devil …Sinned.”

Tenet: “God…Too far away…Murmur, murmur…”

Rats: “‘Y no mere clay or wonder… Murmur murmur…

Yes! Orders red rum, redder Eh? ‘Twas I? Dog!… Tonsured rum pots!”

Said: “Murder… Red Rose of Sharon!”…. He murders red rose… Y?

Dennis said “sinned?  Did I? Now I won top spot.  Ah… Natasha Dias sees dog star…put it up…” (Sinned)

“…as a god. Fool… A! Wow…, ‘Ave, ‘Ave some red rum too.

Fall apart, Natasha.”

Tenet: “Lives evil!”…

Dennis: “‘Ave some lager?”

Natasha Dias: “Doggy! Dash sin if I deliver Hannah?”

Star-Di: “Did I as I? Was I? I was raw Dog, as a devil, I am god deified.”

Dennis said: “Ha! Ron? He lived as a rat’s god.

Wow, I Liven a mood. I roamed under it…

Revolt, AHA, Live! He said “as a foeman” as I live.”

Natasha said: “Did Nacina play or did moody Ida? So. Ida? Adios!

Hey Dad, are we not drawn onward? ”

Dias said: “Ah…Satan. Rats deliver goddesses, so pay.

Flesh saw a sin, mad, dastard, Hannah, raw as a widened dam.”

Hannah: “I madam, I made fool a poor Dog.”

Natasha Dias:  “I (Moan) go deliver Eh? I saw thee mad!”

Dennis Dias: “Sir appalls Dog…” (stops)

“…sleep repel, Eros eye saw Hannah.”

Said Hannah: “Eva! Can I live on?”

“Hannah, O’ No…  Ah…”

Satan: “Live dirt up!”

Mom said: “Ha, Robed!”

God: “Live not on evil, Madam Natasha, Madam Hannah Dias!

Murder Regal Red Rose of Sharon? I name no Devil-Dog as selfless.

A Devil! One Dragon! Pupils pull up! No Garden, O!

Norah, regal red rose… Y? Naomi…? (Moan)… ‘Y doom?”

Sharon Dias: “Mom, Ei! Reverie! Live O’ Devil, never odd or even.

No, it is opposition. ‘Y a period won? Oh! Who was it I saw, Oh Who? Ha!”

Ron: “I”

Eva: “Revolt lover!”

Id: “Rats gnash teeth!”

Sang Star-Di: “Do… Do Good’s deeds. Live on? Reviled did I live! God saw!

I, deified, I was Dog. Evil I did deliver.

No! Evil’s deeds do, O God! O! Did Rats gnash teeth?”

Sang Star-Di: “Revolt! Love! Rave I?”

Norah: “Oh who was it I saw, Oh who? Now do I repay? No, it is opposition.

Never odd or even…Live? Do evil? Ei!!, reverie!”

Mom said: “Norah’s moody.”

Naomi: “(Moan…) Yes, order lager… Ha! Ron.”

One Dragon: “Pull up? Slip up! No Garden? O’, lived as selfless? A god lived one man! I.”

Norah’s foes order lager, red rum.

Said Hannah: “Madam, Ah!!! Satan! Madam, live not on evil. Dog!”

Deborah Dias (Mom): “Putrid evil, Natasha!  O’ No! Hannah, No evil in a cave…”

Hannah Dias? Hannah was eye sore leper, (peels spots)

God: (SLLap!)

Paris said: “Sinned dame… Eh? ‘Twas I, here vile Dog!”

Naomi said: “Ah!!! Satan! Go droop aloof. Ed, am I mad? Am I, Hannah? Madden…”

Ed  “I was… A war.”

Hannah: “Drat, sad… Damn!”

Isa: “Wash self, Ya, possessed Dog, reviled Star!”

Natasha Dias said: “…Drawn onward, to new era…

Dad yeh… So…

Ida “ Adios A! Di, ‘Y doom, Did Royal panic and Id?”

Dias: “Ah,”

Satan: “Evil is a name of Asa”

Dias: “Eh?, Evil!, a hat lover, tired nude.”

Maori: “Doom an evil I wow Dog Star as a Devil, eh?”

Norah Dias Sinned.

Deified Dogma: “I lived as a god. War saw I. I saw! I said I did… Rats!”

Hannah: “Reviled, I finish sad. ‘Y “G” God?”

Said: “Ah!! Satan regal?!”

Emos: “Eva… Sinned… lives Evil!”

Tenet: “Ah…”

Satan: “Trap all afoot, murder!”

Emos:  “Eva!”

Eva: “Wow, Aloof Dog as a…!”

Dennis: “Put it up! Rats! God sees.”

Said: “Ah!!!”

Satan: “Ha, top spot. Now I won, I did!  Dennis Dias sinned. Yes! Orders red rum, eh!”

Norah’s foes order red rum.

Dias: “Stop, Murder us not!

God: “I saw the redder murders.”

Red Rose: “Y? Rum, rum, rum, rum red now.”

Royal: “ceremony Star! Rum, rum, rum, rum, Ya! War a foot. Dog! Tenet!”

Dennis: “Lived Sir? A panic… and I am god, tenet? Sore Star lay or…

Ha! robed some, as I… I moan.”

Norah: “Save! No Garden, O!”

Hannah: “Dead, I… I roam.”

Norah: “Satan! Sinned!A!”

said “ Rats-Dias?”

Natasha said: “Dog!”


03, 02, 2030…12, 02, 2021?  Noon… six a.m. max. Is time’s eye finish’ sin? If eyes emit is it, ek… over?

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