Thoughts on the exploration, learning and application of emerging technologies in homeschooling.


  • The learning environment that I am creating, will be a front door access point creating an overall environment that will be welcoming and engaging for my student(s). It will allow choices and self guided as well as guided activities. This environment will map the expectations in the formulation of achievable goals and motivational rewards through participation in virtual environments.
  • Traditional “learning”  in a conventional sense for youth is paper based, reading, writing, question/answer responses, drills, and memorization of subject matter that is detached from its actual real life application. I would like to bring to my students and to other parents interested in homeschooling, an awareness of how emerging technologies can enrich the learning experience and help achieve future student success in the real world of higher education, employment, or life goals.
  • Personal learning challenges in this endeavor will be finding or creating free or inexpensive resources and learning the aspects of each of these tools to accomplish the goals. Another challenge will be in educating other adults within my network to the process involved as well as the reasoning behind the methodologies I am incorporating.

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