Autism Day Tribute

A Poem about me

Neurodiverse, I am unique and true,
A vibrant soul with a different hue.
It took some time to accept myself,
To embrace my quirks and my health.

But now I stand tall, unafraid to be,
The person I am, authentically.
No longer hiding, no longer ashamed,
I let my light shine, unconstrained.

It’s not always easy, in a world that conforms,
to a world that judges and often scorns.
But I hold my head high, look at my daughter’s face,
I teach her to be proud; to embrace her own space.

So keep being you, in all your glory,
The world needs your truth, your story.
Neurodiverse, you are a gift to behold,
A masterpiece, unique and bold.

This Dragon was designed by my daughter and painted by my daughter-in-law

A Poem for my Daughter

In a world full of labels and expectations,

We often forget to celebrate our own unique creations.

A daughter, a dragon, a rainbow of colors,

A spectrum of personality that defies others.

She is young and labeled as autistic,

But her awesomeness is truly fantastic.

She is like a dragon, fierce and bold,

A fire that cannot be controlled.

She may not have superpowers,

But her strength and resilience tower.

She faces challenges with grace and poise,

And her spirit shines brighter than any noise.

The world may try to label and define,

But she is more than any word or line.

She is colorful, she is bright,

A dragon that soars to great heights.

So let us learn to be kind and see,

The beauty in all diversity.

For every dragon, every soul,

Is a unique and precious whole.

A dragon, fierce and colourful,

My daughter, unique and wonderful,

I choose not to light it up in hues,

Of blue, pink, red, or even gold, I refuse.

She’s not a princess, but a dragon bright,

With a love for rainbows, a symbol of might,

An infinity sign, a reflection of me,

Yet indifferent to it, that’s okay, you see.

She’s labeled autistic, a term in flux,

Awareness, understanding, a cure, what’s next?

Neuro-diversity, a concept I adore,

For she’s awesome, like a dragon, forevermore.

She has no superpowers, but super she is,

Challenged and young, yet full of bliss,

The autistic community, a spectrum wide,

Each is unique; with personalities that collide.

Like my dragon daughter, colourful and bright,

fierce and challenged, a true delight.

to the autistic soul, diverse in mind,

let us remember to be accepting and kind.


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