Second constraint from the church flyer


This week at your church, welcome to worship service this morning, if you are a visitor please receive a special jar of honey and remember to sign our guest book… Head starts hurting and logic will not say why… O Lord God Almighty… Time moves slowly, Once I enjoyed the music and singing, but my eyes are dark today, …Where is there any one as mighty as you Lord? Psalm 89:9.,… and my ears to thick to hear. Distraught, face contorted, throat tight, chest tight, ears hot, empty of prayers, Everyone is praising, singing, hoping, asking for more, knowing I have more to give, but not today, a dark cloud settles and will not clear… Church on the third Sunday of Lent, St. Patricks day Sunday… Tired frustration. Cold now, a chill takes over, cold wind that blows while my teeth are clenched and jaw set… “In Prayer and praise, reaching out with thanksgiving.”… Cold and shivering, still alone in my thoughts, to unclean to be shared. My head is hurting like an ice cap. To wrap myself in warmth and sleep is a dream that is a day away… Prelude. Kids Kwyer. An announcement or three. Worship music. Kinder church is dismissed at this time… Tired, tired frustration. Here I am but I’m not here today. My minds gone away, away, away… Congregational prayer and reflection time… Simplicity is absent. Movement becomes anxiety and my back aches, burns, and my head is on fire… Reading # 624 “assurance”. Hymn # 625 “ what a friend”. Compassionate ministries… In church on Sunday but unable to be here… Giving of his tithes and our offerings… Clouded mind makes focus weak and my mouth is dry… Special message. Special music. Junior church is dismissed at this time. Sermon… Make straight crooked paths and put out the fire that burns to distraction. The chill, warm to bring life to a frozen hand… The Lord bless you and keep you until we meet again… Heavy burdens, lay them down, dry mouth and all. Joy, joy, joy, joy, absent today… Closing hymn, # 615 “ O though in whose presence”… let the heart beat stronger and the mind be clear… Tonight, 6pm bible study in Winterport. Hop in the van with us just after five and enjoy the fellowship…. To love beyond anger, tired frustration. To rest in the Lord but not sleep idle… Tuesday, 6pm Sunday school meeting in the fellowship hall… Not to judge or be judged but to be loved and to love… Wednesday, 5pm, choir practice 6pm, bible studies. Friday 3:30 pm Kids Kwyer and games… Subjectivity is blind, Objectivity is blunt, a blunt object struck at ones head, the subject to blind to duck… Saturday, 10am, all church work morning, a French toast lunch, noon thirty hike. It’s time to start thinking about summer camp… Casting care, peace and joy… Did you receive your March update? We don’t want you to miss out on anything… Anger, tired frustration… Information on becoming a church member, board member, a choir member, when the next fellowship dinner is, when Sunday school teachers meeting is, when and where the Eculent services will be held, work and witness times, and fun events for kids too. Spring is coming-lets get busy… Open wings like a bird. Wings about the little ones. Fire. Singe feathers. Burn. Love burns stronger than anger, tired frustration… We are so glad that you chose to come… Keep all, mother, daughter, father, son, under your wings… Help our church grow. You are a gift from God, and we are truly blessed to have you here today. Thank you for coming… I imagine the bird, bright white and clean, come to rescue me, burned by fire… Prayer requests and praises… blackened by soot and bloody, yet, still it comes to comfort me, made clean. The bird is white… Many of us have ongoing health challenges. Support each other in prayer, that the Lords work may continue… Knowing this, even knowing this, I am tired still… Praise the Lord. “In prayer and praise reaching out with thanksgiving.”

Poem Form

Welcome to worship this morning,
At your church, come and join in,
Receive a special jar of honey,
Sign our guest book as a new beginning.

But my head starts hurting,
Logic fails to explain why,
O Lord God Almighty,
Time moves slowly, as I try.

I used to enjoy the music,
The singing and the sound,
But my eyes are dark today,
My ears are too thick to hear the surround.

Distraught, my face contorts,
Throat and chest tight, ears hot,
Empty of prayers, alone in thoughts,
While others sing and give thanks a lot.

Church on the third Sunday of Lent,
St. Patrick’s Day, the congregation sings,
But I’m tired and frustrated,
A dark cloud settles, and my mind takes wings.

Prelude, announcements, worship music,
Kinder church dismissed, but I’m not here today,
Congregational prayer, but simplicity is absent,
Movement causes anxiety, my back aches, and I sway.

Reading and hymn, followed by ministries,
But I’m unable to focus, my mind cloudy,
Special message and music, junior church dismissed,
Sermon on making straight paths, mind clear but body shoddy.

The Lord blesses and keeps us until we meet again,
Heavy burdens laid down, dry mouth and all,
Closing hymn as the heart beats stronger,
Mind clear, it’s time to answer the call.

Bible study, Sunday school meetings,
Choir practice, and Kids Kwyer on Friday,
Church work morning on Saturday,
Spring is coming, let’s get busy without delay.

Castaway anger and tired frustration,
Let love burn stronger than any flame,
Support each other in prayer,
And help our church grow, for it’s not a game.

We’re glad you chose to come,
And be a part of our community,
May the Lord keep you under His wings,
And support each other in love and unity.

As I imagine a bird, bright and clean,
Rescuing me from the fire’s burn,
I pray for ongoing health challenges,
So the Lord’s work may continue to turn.

Let’s reach out with thanksgiving,
In prayer and praise, beyond subjectivity,
Love and compassion are what we need,
To grow stronger in our spirituality.


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