Random love poems from the thesaurus

Adoration, be passionate!

Feel for feeling!

Be fond of fondness, with tenderness; be to care for.

Find friendship irresistible for weakness.

Be keen about fancy, attracted to a thing.

Go for partial to.

Have a Be, Be in on Have.

Have adoration: to feel fond of a thing.

A partial weakness for feeling attracted to…

Go! Fancy friendship with passion!

Tenderness to care for…

Find fondness irresistible for…

Be Keen on Be!

For me, about me, have been, in be…

Be about, be for, be in, to be of.

Be on, have to Be!

Weakness: adoration.

Tenderness: partial.

Fondness: Friendship.

To feel for feeling fancy;

Too fond of caring for the irresistible,

with a passion to find a thing attracted.

To have keen, go!


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