Winter’s Spring

In fields of white, where snowflakes fall,

And frosty trees stand stark and tall,

A quiet hush pervades the air,

As winter’s grip takes hold and shares.

The world seems frozen, still, and cold,

But life still hides, beneath the fold,

Of blankets made from frozen ground,

Awaiting spring’s sweet, hopeful sound.

The woods are dark, and silent, too,

As creatures hide from frigid hue,

And huddle close to stay alive,

Until the thawing sun arrives.

But in this season, nature shows,

That beauty lies in winter’s clothes,

And though the chill may test our will,

We find a way to weather still.

When the snow begins to melt,

the sun returns, with warmth unfelt,

We’ll see the world with fresh new eyes,

And greet the spring, with joy and surprise.


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