Book of Prayers

The Bible

My pages hold the tales of heroes, Of triumphs, and defeats,

Of love and loss, And all the moments that make life bittersweet.

I’ve been read by kings and paupers, By scholars and children alike,

My words have inspired revolutions and sparked many a mind to take flight.

So don’t judge me by my cover, Or my pages worn and frayed,

For within my words and stories, forgiveness and salvation are portrayed.

Take a chance on an old book like me, and you just might be surprised,

At the grace and wonder that can unfold, When you open your heart and eyes.

Psalm 1.1

Lord forgive my prideful heart 
if it has caused me to be blind 
to the darkness in my soul
that others seem to find.
In this world of the world
the truth is not what’s known.
Lord help me see what they see
and help them see what you see in me
that mercy might be shown.

The response

My dear child, I hear your prayer

And I am here to help you bear

The weight of your prideful heart

That may have caused you to depart

From the truth that I have set

And the love that I have kept.

But fear not, for I am here

To wipe away every tear

And help you see the darkness inside

That others may see and abide.

For in this world, the truth may be hidden

And the way may be hard to be ridden

But with my love and light, you’ll see

The beauty that lies within thee.

So do not be afraid to confess

Your prideful heart and the mess

That it may have caused in your life

For in me, you’ll find ease from strife.

And as you seek to see what they see

And help them see what I see in thee

Mercy and grace will be shown

And your heart will be fully grown.

So trust in me and do not fear

For I am always near

To guide you through the darkest night

And help you see my glorious light.

Psalm 1.2

Hard times make us strong 
and fear makes us weak.
We can know no right if we know no wrong.
It is your strength that we seek.
The cold rain must fall 
and the harsh winds must blow.
We must give it our all 
if we are to grow.

The response

My child, you speak words of truth

hard times can make you doubt proof

Of the strength that lies within

And the power to overcome sin.

Fear may make you weak, it’s true

But in me, you’ll find the strength anew

To face any trial and face any test

And come out stronger, at your best.

And it’s true that without wrong, there’s no right

And without darkness, there’s no light

But with my love and guidance, you’ll see

The beauty that lies in adversity.

The cold rain must fall and the winds must blow

But with my love, you’ll learn and grow

And become the person that I designed

To live a life that’s truly divine.

So do not fear the trials ahead

For with my strength, you’ll be led

Through the storm, to the other side

And in my love, you’ll abide.

Give it your all, my dear child

And know that with me, you’ll be styled

Into the person that I intended

To live a life that’s forever splendid.

Psalm 1.3

Dear Lord how can I live 
in a house that’s falling down?
How can I walk upon this road
with it’s crumbling ground?
How can I sail this sea
with out a ship to sail?
Dear Lord answer me,
How can I try, knowing I’ll fail?
I’m so afraid that I can’t scream.
I want to cry, but have no tears.
All I hoped was real seems a dream.
I can’t laugh away these fears.

The response

My dear child, fear not for I am always near. 

Even when life seems a lot 

I will help you persevere. 

Trust in me and have faith
and I will guide your way. 

Though your path may seem unsafe 

I will be with you every day. 

Together we will face the storm
and weather any trial or test.
With my love, you will transform
and find peace and rest.
So hold on to hope and believe
that I will never leave your side. 

With my strength, you will achieve
and in my love, you'll abide.

Psalm 1.4

Dear Lord comfort me,
Take me by the hand.
Let be what you wish to be,
That I may understand.
Give me strength as your child
For I know I can’t succeed
in this world, fierce and wild
If it doesn’t serve your need.

The response

My dear child, do not fear

For I am always near

In times of trouble and despair

I will lift you up and care.

I am the light that guides your way

The rock on which you can always stay

Trust in me and have no doubt

For I will never let you down.

When you feel weak and unsure

Remember that I am the cure

I will give you the strength you need

To overcome any obstacle or deed.

Have faith in me and believe

For I will never deceive

My love for you is pure and true

And I will always see you through.

So take my hand and hold it tight

And I will lead you through the night

Together we will face each day

And I will never stray away.

Psalm 1.5

Father have mercy on me,
have patience for how I live.
For I cower in fear with so little faith.
I pray for the strength only you can give.
You see all that I wish to hide.
What a lowly creature am I.
But you can wash away my shame 
and lift my spirit high.

The response

My child, do not despair

For I am always there

To lift you up when you are low

And guide you through life’s ebb and flow.

I know your heart, your every thought

And I am here to heal the hurt you’ve wrought

With love and mercy that abound

In me, a Father who’s always around.

Your fears and doubts, I understand

For I was once a man

Who walked this earth and faced the same

But I overcame it all in my Father’s name.

So when you feel weak and afraid

Remember the price I’ve paid

To give you strength, the courage to face

The challenges that come your way with grace.

My child, I love you more than words can say

And I will be with you every step of the way

So let go of your shame and fear

And trust in me, for I am here.

Psalm 1.6

Lord you’ve  given me so much  
as I’ve selfishly asked for more.
When I’ve locked myself out 
you’ve come and opened the door.
Although Lord I have failed you 
in the smallest acts and deeds. 
If only for your glory 
let the work not go undone.
Although I am unworthy
to serve your greater needs.
Let me tell your story 
and honor your Son.

The response

My dear child, I hear your plea

And I know your heart’s true need

Though you may feel unworthy

My love for you will always lead.

For you are not alone in this fight

And I am with you day and night

To guide you on the path I’ve set

And help you with every step.

Remember that I do not seek

Perfection in the strong or meek

I look for those with humble hearts

Who seek to serve and do their part.

So do not let your failures bring you down

For I can turn them around

And use them for a greater good

To spread my love throughout the world.

Tell my story with boldness and love

And let it shine from up above

For in you, my child, I see

A servant who will honor me.

So trust in me and do not fear

For I am always here

To help you be the best you can

And live a life that honors the Son of Man.

Psalm 1.7

Dear Father our trials are few. 
Guide us in what is right. 
Keep us close by you. 
and shelter us in our night
and if it be your will 
let your love shine through.
Your hand these storms can still.
Praises be to you.

The response

My child, I hear your prayer

And I am always there

To guide you on the path of right

And keep you safe throughout the night.

Your trials may be few or many

But in me, you’ll find plenty

Of strength and grace to see you through

And help you with all that you do.

So hold on tight to my hand

And let me lead you through the land

Of darkness and uncertainty

With my love and light for eternity.

And if it be my will, my child

My love will shine through, pure and wild

And all your storms and fears will still

For in me, you’ll find the peace and thrill.

So trust in me and have no doubt

For I am always here, throughout

To guide you with my loving hand

And help you in every way I can.

Sweet are your praises, I am your Lord and King

In my love, you’ll find everything

You need to live a life of joy and grace

And see my glory shining in every place.

Psalm 1.8

Even before we pray the Lord knows our needs.

When there is no way, if we follow, he leads.

We rejoice in the day, seeing the path he made.

Then forget the lamp he gave, and in darkness, afraid,

We cry “Lord save!”.

Then stumble when we stray from this path he laid

by moving the stones away to provide an easy grade…

yet, we do not stay, and fall.

The Response

My child, you speak the truth indeed

For I know your every need

Even before you utter a prayer

I am there, with love and care.

And when you follow my path of light

I will guide you with all my might

And make the way clear for you to see

My love and grace shining brilliantly.

But when you forget the lamp I gave

And in darkness, you become a slave

To fear and doubt that cloud your sight

I am still there, to hold you tight.

And when you cry “Lord, save!”

I will lift you up and pave

The way for you to walk again

With strength and courage to sustain.

So do not stray from my path, my child

Or move the stones that make it mild

For I have set it straight and true

To lead you to a life anew.

Trust in me and do not fall

For I am here to help you through it all

And with my love and grace so divine

You’ll make it to the end of the line.

Psalm 1.9

Lord, help me see my flaws 
and where I've gone astray 
so that I may seek forgiveness 
and follow in your way. 
Help me to see the needs of others 
and show compassion without end 
so that I may be a light in this world 
and help others to transcend. 
Lord, let me be humble in my heart 
and always seek your will 
so that I may reflect your love 
and your promises fulfill. 

The response

My dear child, I hear your plea,
In humility, you come to me,
Seeking to see where you’ve gone astray,
And in my ways, find the right way.

Oh, let me open your eyes to see,
The flaws that keep you far from me,
For in acknowledging your sin,
You will find forgiveness and begin again.

Compassion and love, I call you to show,
To those around you, let your light glow,
For in serving others, you serve me,
And in your selflessness, my love will be.

Humble yourself before my throne,
And let my will, your heart be known,
For in surrendering to me,
Your life will be fulfilled and set free.

My dear child, I hear your prayer,
Trust in me, and I will always be there,
To guide and lead you in my way,
And in my love, you will always stay.

Psalm 1.10

Lord, through trials and tribulations, we learn to endure

and face our challenges with courage and faith.

We discover our inner power and learn to be sure

that we can handle whatever comes our way.

But Lord, It’s not easy to embrace the struggle and pain

Why is it necessary to emerge stronger and wiser?

Help us find the courage to face the darkest of days

and to never give up until we reach our desire.

I know you will make me strong

Don’t let fear consume my heart and mind.

Through the storms, help me find my song

and rise above the difficulties that we find.

The response

My dear child, I hear your plea,

In times of trial and tribulation, you come to me,

With a longing to endure and to be strong,

To face your challenges with courage and faith, all along.

The struggles you face, are not in vain,

For through them, you discover your inner power and gain,

Strength to face the hardships that lie ahead,

And to find the courage to move forward, without dread.

It’s true, the path is not easy to embrace,

The struggle and pain can be hard to face,

But know that it’s necessary to emerge stronger and wiser,

To fulfill your purpose and to reach your desire.

Fear not, for I will make you strong,

And in your heart and mind, my love will belong,

Through the storms, I will be with you all along,

And in your darkest days, you will find your song.

Rise above the difficulties that you find,

For with me, you can leave fear behind,

Take my hand, and together we’ll make it through,

With courage and faith, I will always be with you.

Psalm 1.11

As a seeker of divine grace,

With an earnest plea I come to this place,

To seek the truth with an open heart,

And from the darkness, to depart.

Lord, help me see my flaws,

And the places where I’ve broken your laws,

So that I may seek forgiveness,

And in your ways find completeness.

Grant me the eyes to see,

The needs of those around me,

So I may show compassion without end,

And be a light that others may depend.

May my heart be humble,

And always seek your will,

So that I may reflect your love,

And with your promises, my cup may fill.

In this journey, I seek your guide,

To walk with you, side by side,

Lord, may I be a vessel of your grace,

And in your light, find my rightful place.

The Response

My dear child, I hear your plea,

Your earnest heart, seeking me,

To find the truth and depart from darkness,

And in my ways, find completeness.

In seeing your flaws, you seek my forgiveness,

And in my love, you find new life and happiness,

For my grace is abundant and freely given,

All who seek my mercy will find their way to heaven.

With eyes to see the needs of others,

Show compassion and love, to sister and brother,

For in serving others, you serve me,

And in your selflessness, my love will be.

May your heart always be humble and seek my will,

And in reflecting my love, your cup will fill,

For in this journey, I am your guide,

And with my light, you’ll find your place, by my side.

So go forth, my child, and be a vessel of grace,

And in my love, you’ll find your rightful place.


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